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Center for Advancing Education

Launching A Vision: The Center For Advancing Education

Putting a vision into practice requires relentless courage, enduring curiosity, and a desire to improve the lives of others. Similar to the values of our students and alumni, the creation of Mid-Pacific’s Center for Advancing Education was propelled by curiosity, innovation, and community impact.

The Center for Advancing Education (The Center) seeks to remove the boundaries of school walls. We understand the need to meet learners where they are. This need is not limited to where they are physically, but where they are on their academic and personal journeys.

The pandemic amplified systemic and long-standing issues within education, reminding us that life and learning are deeply intertwined. Schools are not just places where students come to learn. Schools are places where learners discover their purpose - defining their journey with each lesson, project, and inquiry. 

As a hub for connection and community, The Center’s academies carry out our mission to give educators and students the tools and knowledge to apply Deeper Learning principles in classrooms, careers, and communities around the world. These academies include Kupu Hou Academy and the Global Exchange Academy. Future plans also include a Research Schools Academy. Together, these three entities will allow us to impact education across multiple channels and with unique experiences. 

Kupu Hou Academy
Global Exchange Academy