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Cultivating Community and Cultural Exchange

Cultivating Community and Cultural Exchange
Mid-Pacific Communications Staff

This summer, newly enrolled and current international students from various countries participated in Mid-Pacific’s International Pueo program on our campus. The program focused on five key objectives:

  • Familiarizing our new and existing international students with the campus before the school year begins.
  • Fostering new friendships.
  • Providing insights into Hawaiian culture.
  • Refining English speaking skills through peer interactions.
  • Nurturing self-confidence.

The opportunity for students to engage in English conversations with their peers, experience Mid-Pacific from the perspective of seasoned students, and, most importantly, develop the self-assurance to communicate in English within an academic context alongside native or highly proficient speakers all contribute to the formation of friendships and the cultivation of a strong sense of community at Mid-Pacific. This sense of community often serves as the bedrock for academic success.

These enriching educational experiences owe their existence to our volunteers’ dedication, skill, and effort. Over the summer, 22 committed Mid-Pacific high school students enthusiastically volunteered as Teaching Assistants for the International Pueo Program. The remarkable response led us to have more volunteers than we could accommodate, a testament to our students' eagerness to contribute and collaborate, truly setting Mid-Pacific apart.

The three-week program culminated in a presentation of learning, during which the students shared with their families what they had gained from their time with our students and teachers. Mid-Pacific hosted a delightful parent reception to celebrate the students and volunteers, marking another successful summer of learning and friendship.

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