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Congratulations to the Robotics Team on a Stellar Season!

Congratulations to the Robotics Team on a Stellar Season!
Mid-Pacific Communications Staff

The Mid-Pacific FRC Robotics team had an outstanding season under the guidance of Coach Johnny Zhang. The team, comprising 25 dedicated members, invested more than 200 hours in the design and construction of their robot, named S.P.A.R.C., an acronym for Spirit, Perseverance, Ambition, Resilience, and Creativity. Their efforts spanned prototyping, programming, assembly, wiring, testing, and crafting an aesthetic suited for competition. These comprehensive preparations propelled them to a commendable 4th place at the Hawaii Regional Tournament, where they also received the prestigious Imagery Award.

“All in all, the 2024 FRC season was a sight to behold and we will continue to soar and shine even higher and brighter than before,” observed Henry Huy Dang ’26. “To continuously improve is one of the core tenets of robotics and to strive for excellence is a core value of Mid-Pacific and its students. I am confident that we will make even larger strides next season.”

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