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Mid-Pacific Earns Top Honors in American Heart Association's Kids' Heart Challenge

Posted on May 4, 2023 by Leif Tabernero

Congratulations to Mr. Preston Pires, Elementary School P.E. Specialist, and Dr. Edna Hussey, Preschool and Elementary School Principal, for receiving a certificate of acknowledgment recognizing Mid-Pacific as the top Hawai'i school in the American Heart Association's Kids' Heart Challenge. The involvement of our preschool and elementary school community was impressive in encouraging our students and generously supporting the American Heart Association through donations, raising a little over $20,000.

The American Heart Association works in partnership with educators in elementary and middle schools to increase awareness about the significance of healthy physical and mental well-being among students and families. Together, they strive to raise funds to save lives, promoting healthy habits that can lead to a lifetime of good health.

The Kid's Heart Challenge complements Mr. Pires' P.E. curriculum, emphasizing the benefits of physical activity, good nutrition, family involvement, and the Preschool and Elementary School's focus on social and emotional development.

"The Heart Challenge is not just an event," said Dr. Hussey upon receiving the acknowledgment. "Students take to heart what their participation means for others and their own physical and emotional health. We can feel the high energy and happiness that the students exude when participating in all the activities planned by Mr. Pires every year, which is a testament to the power of community!"

The reward for Mr. Pires is witnessing his students get the message of how they can help others in need and make healthy choices outside of school because they understand the benefits.

"I aim to foster a positive mindset in my students towards exercise and personal growth," said Pires. "During the five-week Heart Challenge, we discuss ways to maintain physical and mental health, including the stress-relieving benefits of physical activity. "The challenge involves exploring various jump rope and hula hoop techniques and fundamental basketball skills such as shooting, passing, and dribbling. Students can track their progress and notice their personal growth and achievements as they participate in the challenge. This experience of witnessing their progress is beneficial for them."