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Tibetan Prayer Flags Inspire School Art Projects

Project Overview from Abbey Day, Elementary School Art Specialist, and Alison Beste, MPSA Photography

Posted on December 15, 2022 by Leif Tabernero

As we are still coming out of Covid-era isolation and reestablishing our community, the high school photography teacher and elementary art teacher saw an opportunity to connect our younger and older students by exploring our wishes and prayers for the school year. We observed, discussed, and were inspired by Tibetan Prayer Flags and their meaning. We learned that the more the flags degrade in the weather, the more the prayers are believed to come true.

From preschool through 5th grade, the students began to design their own flags with their wishes. The results are varied - Safe from Covid, More friends, Recess, Learning about Countries, Kindness, and Calm, to name a few. The students painted their ideas on their flags and some classes had the opportunity to share their learning with the high school students who were engaging in the same process.

On the high school side, photography students were tasked with creating an image that represented a positive intention for the year. The resulting digital images were printed on fabric and strung alongside the work of our elementary peers. We noticed that many of us, despite our disparate ages, have similar wishes. The flags are strung together with sewing help from a generous parent and hanging on Aloha Hill. The Mānoa winds will carry our wishes and bless our school community.