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Two Mid-Pacific Seniors Receive the Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship

Posted on November 29, 2021 by Holly Iwasaki

The nonprofit organization, Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), recognized two outstanding Mid-Pacific seniors, Lauren Hayashi '22 and Eli Stein '22, as Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship Winners during the virtual scholarship awards event on November 17.

Each year PCA awards over 100 scholarships of $1,000 or more to high school senior athletes based on their essay submissions explaining how they meet three criteria: Personal Mastery (making oneself better), Leadership (making one's teammates better), and Honoring the Game (making the game better).

Mid-Pacific College Counselor and Paddling Coach, Sara McKay-Hines, encouraged Stein to apply for the scholarship. "Eli has a tremendous love and respect for the ocean, and as a steersman, he is a strong leader who works hard and inspires others to do the same. He takes the initiative, always sets the standard for effort and commitment, and recognizes the importance of appreciating the opportunity to enjoy being in nature with his teammates," says McKay-Hines.

"I admire that Eli can balance his commitment to his academics, his volunteer work with the Blue Planet Foundation, the clubs he is part of on campus, and athletics, continues McKay-Hines." "Mid-Pacific is fortunate to have him as part of our campus community. I am proud to have him represent Mid-Pacific and the Mid-Pacific paddling program in the Triple-Impact Scholarship program."

Stein attributes his success to the support he received from the community of Mid-Pacific coaches and teammates who helped him grow as a leader and athlete. "During a paddling race, we are out in the water far away from shore with no coach guiding us along the way. As the leader of the entire boat and five other people, it was vital for me to have strong communication and leadership skills," said Stein. "We had to trust and work with each other during the race, and from that, we developed strong bonds."

Hayashi believes that her strong mental mindset sets her apart from her peers. "The stronger my mind is, the better I become on the court," says Hayashi. "By altering the game from the most physical team winning, to the smartest team winning, I am able to help my team outsmart our opponents, and lead us to victory." Hayashi's admiration for sports initially developed from her older brother and his time teaching her the sports he loved to play. "My brother would take me to the courts every day, play one vs. one with me, and would purposely lose so I could rub it in his face that I was a better basketball player than him," said Hayashi. "His selflessness inspired me to become the player I am - in both water polo and basketball."

International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement Coordinator Kymbal Roley recommended Hayashi for the scholarship. "Lauren is a superstar!! She is a student government representative, an IB Diploma student, and involved in numerous sports," said Roley. "In addition to being an excellent writer, Lauren is also taking biology and chemistry lab classes. She is a model of an IB Diploma student."

Both Stein and Hayashi entered Mid-Pacific at kindergarten and will be recognized as Ka Ulu Pueo (students who have attended Mid-Pacific for 13 years or more years) at this year's Commencement Ceremony. They also both maintain above 4.0 GPAs and both have future aspirations to further their education on the West Coast. Hayashi is interested in pursuing a biological science degree and Eli is considering majors in environmental science or public policy.