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Flashback to Middle School Field Day

Posted on November 19, 2021 by Holly Iwasaki

Mid-Pacific's Field Day is a co-curricular activity deeply-rooted in the school's history. The event has evolved through the years, starting as an all-school affair held at different parks and locations on campus. Most recently, the middle school branched off to organize their class bonding traditions. When I ask alumni what they remember about Field Day, fond memories of class T-shirts, all-school picnic shenanigans, class competitions, and hanging out with classmates immediately come to mind.

This year's Field Day was held on Mid-Pacific's Soccer Field and continued many of the same traditions. Middle school students arrived wearing their student-designed class T-shirts and spirit items, including class bracelets and temporary Owl tattoos. The day began with rousing class cheers from every middle school grade level. Students, teachers, deans, and staff members were shouting chants of unity, class pride, and identity at the top of their lungs. It was the perfect way to kick off a morning filled with games and activities, all designed to build community and connections with classmates.

Ann Kondo, the middle school student activities coordinator, worked with student leaders to organize the Field Day activities, T-shirts, and class cheers. "The Student Council and Executive Council members for sixth through eighth grade were excited to plan this year's Field Day event," said Kondo. "For our seventh graders, this was their first Field Day experience due to the pandemic."

This year, the Class of 2026 secured the most points and now owns the bragging rights to the perpetual "Proud Enthusiastic Pueo" trophy. However, the biggest win was seeing student life in action again and hearing the sounds of friendship and memories being created on our beautiful Mid-Pacific campus.