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Class of 2020 awarded more than $5.47 million in scholarships

Posted on July 1, 2020 by Scot Allen

Mid-Pacific is pleased to announce that the class of 2020 has been awarded more than $5.47 million in merit and talent scholarships, according to the College Counseling Department.
The school's newest alumni submitted more than 1,060 college applications to more than 227 colleges around the world. They will be attending 89 schools in 23 states and 3 countries with broad interests including art, aviation, business, culinary arts, dance, humanities, languages, STEM, and theatre.

"On behalf of the entire College Counseling Team -- Lei Haas, Sara McKay-Hines, Janell Nakahara and I -- we wanted to thank parents, faculty, and staff for supporting the Class of 2020," said Director of College Counseling Derrick T. Kang.

More than 50 faculty and staff members supported the Class of 2020 by writing strong letters of recommendation, according to Kang.

'We appreciate the time and effort that faculty and staff spent in crafting the letters that assisted the students with college admission and scholarships," Kang said. "While we are thankful for all of you, a special thanks goes to teachers Monica Flores and Kym Roley who wrote letters for 20 students!"

For a full list of colleges please click here.

Class of 2020 College Geographic Distribution

West (67) 36%
Hawaii (52) 28%
East (25) 13%
Mountain (16) 9%
International (11) 6%
Central (10) 5%
Gap (3) 2%
Undecided Four-Year (2) 1%

Top Schools
University of Hawaii, Manoa (HI) 39
Kapiolani Community College (HI) 10
University of Portland (OR) 8
University of Nevada, Las Vegas (NV) 5
Colorado State University, Ft Collins (CO) 4
San Diego State University (CA) 4
Montana State University (MT) 3
New York University (NY) 3
The New School (NY) 3