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Mid-Pacific sixth grader achieves surfing success

Posted on May 1, 2019 by Scot Allen

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Congratulations to sixth-grader Luke Tema who recently won a regional surfing competition at Kewalo Basin as well as the first HSA event of the year at Sunset beach. He earned a spot at the US Championships and National Championships this summer in California, as well as a feature article in "Freesurf" Magazine!

Tema has surfed for eight years (since he was four). He notes that it took some time before he really learned to embrace the sport.

"I didn't really like it at first, but my Dad kept taking me surfing and so now I am happy because I like it now," he says. "I just like surfing with friends! In competition, you may have friends in your heat going against you, but you don't really talk and have fun. I don't really think that much technically, other than making the wave and doing my best. It's fun when you do a good turn or get a good barrel."

Tema competes in the 12-13 age group. Whether he competes or not, he says, "hopefully I will surf for fun my whole life!"