MPTA After-School Tennis Development Program Progression

The Mid-Pacific Tennis Academy (MPTA) After-School Tennis Program offers a step-by-step progression to learning the sport of tennis. Each level of the progressions are color-coded red, orange, and green, representing the type of low- compression tennis ball that is used at each stage of development. The use of age-appropriate tennis racquets and playing tennis on an age-appropriate tennis court helps make learning the game of tennis easy and fun.

To register for the After-School Tennis Program, please visit the Extended Learning page.

Red Ball Tennis

Red 650

Orange Ball Tennis

Orange 650

Green Ball Tennis

Green 650

Yellow Ball Tennis


  1. HP "Advanced Training" - INVITATION ONLY
    • Competes JTT 3.0 - 4.0 and/or
    • Challenger-level Tournaments
  2. HP "Elite Training" - INVITATION ONLY
    • Competes JTT Open-Level
    • Open-level DT Tournaments
    • State Ranking Required