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Gates Open for Summer School 2022!

Posted on June 3, 2022

by Dr. Edna Hussey on June 3, 2022

It was just the other week that I had posted the last blog for school year 2021-2022 (Celebrations and Remembrances), and after one week of preparations, we are ready to welcome your children for fun learning at Mid-Pacificʻs summer program! Facilities have been prepared, and the faculty has exciting plans for this 4-week program on campus. Returning students will immediately notice two missing pieces from each classroom -- the plexiglass barriers and dining room benches. The benches are back in place in the dining room where the wall creating two classroom spaces has been removed. Seeing the expanse of the dining room after two years took my breath away! Weʻre back in full swing and will learn to live safely with Covid.

Learning and living safely in a pandemic will continue to rely on everyoneʻs cooperation. Wearing masks indoors and keeping safe distances are key factors to mitigating Covid spread. Outdoors, masks will be optional. Washing hands frequently, especially before eating, will remain common practice. Sanitizers are still a good option for keeping hands germ-free. Keeping your child home if your child is displaying any cold symptoms will really help to keep everyone on campus healthy and safe.

Q: Whatʻs something thatʻs quite noticeable in the images below?




IMG_8890 (1).jpeg


A: Just one person in all the photos.

Next weekʻs blog images will be very different and will be filled with images of children engaged in a variety of summer learning experiences at Mid-Pacific. Youʻll also receive notifications via Canvas (the summer school communication platform) from your childʻs teachers, so make sure your notifications are turned on so you wonʻt miss a beat during the next 4 weeks. (Reminder that we will observe Kamehameha Day, June 10. No school.)

The gates open at 7:15am daily. Your child will be welcomed by program staff whoʻll make sure all students get safely to their classrooms. Anticipate some adjustments to being on a new campus (if new to the summer program), meeting new and old friends, meeting faculty and staff, learning the schedule, or even figuring out the traffic. As experience has taught us over the 18 years we have offered the summer program, the children learn quickly and will feel more comfortable before the end of the first week.

See you at autoline!

E Kūlia Kākou! Letʻs strive and aspire together!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey, Ed.D.