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A Nod to the Teacher Aides!

Posted on July 5, 2019

by Dr. Edna Hussey on July 5, 2019

In Week Four of Summer Session, a nod to our teacher aides (TAs)!

The aides are all current Mid-Pacific students or alumni, recently graduated from high school or in college. Some are earning money or earning community service hours. Their job is to assist the teacher in so many ways --




-- working beside small groups


-- even disco-dancing with students (one TA is the 3rd in the front row and another TA dances in the back row, 1st person, left)



-- preparing instructional materials


-- escorting students from one session to another, supervising children on the playground or during lunch with teachers or staff beside them, being good role models for the students, and being a friend.

Iʻve seen all of these responsibilities demonstrated over the past weeks. The other day, a student was asked to step out of class for a timeout, and Mr. J. stepped outside of the classroom with him. As I walked by, Mr. J got down to one knee and spoke to the student at eye level, and in a kind voice, asked, "Can you tell me about what just happened in there?" And as I slowly walked away, I could hear the student explaining his behavior and Mr. J encouraging him to give it another try in the classroom. "I know you can do better," Mr. J offered while placing a gentle arm on the studentʻs shoulder.

Iʻve also enjoyed seeing all the TAs helping at autoline. It has crossed my mind several times about getting them to come back during the school year to assist me with autoline, but their course schedules and other commitments would be logistical problems. I am proud of our TAs and the support theyʻre providing. They are an essential part of our Summer Program!

At our second assembly, several classes shared what theyʻve been learning.



Two different ages groups perform hula kahiko, sitting down and standing.

Confident, focused, aware of the meaning in their gestures and steps.


Ms. Hitomi and Ms. Leslie shared the work of their students. Ms. Leslie showed us images of a research trip the preschoolers have taken. With each clue, the audience tried to guess where the preschoolers explored. Ms. Hitomi explained how the kindergartners have been learning how to be careful observers when theyʻve been on research trips throughout the campus.


These rising first and second graders in Math Adventures shared their drawings of ways theyʻve been applying their sense of numbers.


We were impressed by the ball handling (low, fast dribbling) of a student in Sports Camp and --


Mr. B from Science Camp told us those 3-D glasses arenʻt just for the movies. Students looked at images, donned the glasses, and then out popped the wows! oohs! as flat pictures were magically transformed into 3-dimensions.

Weʻre ready for the last week of the summer program. Special performances, presentations, a big sale, and SPIRIT WEEK!

E Kūlia Kākou! Letʻs strive and aspire together!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey, Ed.D.