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Summer School - Week 5

Posted on July 13, 2007

by Dr. Edna Hussey on July 13, 2007

If you haven’t already read your child’s classroom newsletter, either in the Friday packet or on the website, please do so! The exciting learning your child is experiencing will amaze you.

The Robotics class is trying to find which are the fastest cars by determining the amount of floor space traveled in 5 seconds. They’ve also created different obstacles, which the cars must traverse in a set amount of time. Both Math Workshop classes are applying their learning about fractions by planning an end-of-summer-session pizza party. I’m sure this learning will come in handily at home when that next pizza delivery needs to be equally distributed to every member of the family.

Your children came home today with the next hard-copy edition of the Summer School Pu`eo containing news and feature articles, movie reviews, interviews, and cartoons. I understand there will be one last edition next week. Students in both classes have been writing very well thought out weekly reflections about their learning. The iMovie class is advertising its summer premiere of final projects. There will be a “red carpet” viewing and presentations for parents, in addition to the viewing at the assembly next Friday. Ocean Explorations conquered the Koko Head Crater hike and celebrated today with a refreshing swim at Kaimana Beach. They have an excursion every day next week.

Our business entrepreneurs have decided on Lokahi as the recipient for their charitable donations from next week’s products sale on Wednesday. The Lokahi Giving Project is a unique partnership between KHON2 and the non-profit organization Keiki O Ka Aina Family Learning Centers. They lend a helping hand to those who face a life crisis or emergency situation beyond their control. They not only assist the very poor, but also the struggling gap group not qualified for assistance by any other programs. You’ll hear more about Lokahi next week. The class sale is Wednesday, July 18, and will run through the morning. If your child has permission to participate in the sale, we’re setting a cap of $3 per person so that all children have a chance to purchase something — decorated pencils, bookmarks, popcorn, musubi, cut fruit, and more.

One Kindergarten class is completing its barnyard animals’ book, while the other class is learning about many aspects of community in Hawaii. And our preschoolers are enjoying their daily routine, which engages them in play, which is truly their “work.” If your children are in the afternoon camp, you may have received newsletters explaining their continuing projects. The Theatre class will be staging their original class productions next Friday afternoon at Kawaiahao Theatre.

There will be a number of class presentations next week, to which parents are invited. Your child’s respective teachers will have notified you about date and time, although not all classes are having presentations. The security guard will direct you to the parking areas.

We’re celebrating your children’s learning next week! There will be one more class newsletter and letter from me (posted on the website) to recap this final week. Have a safe weekend, and we look forward to seeing your children next week.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey