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Summer School - Week 4

Posted on July 6, 2007

by Dr. Edna Hussey on July 6, 2007

Having read the newsletters from each of the classes, I know that your children are learning new things every day. Today I saw several young filmmakers with video cameras in hand, taping segments of their next project. Yesterday, Tiny Tadani gave them helpful suggestions on hand-held camera work and taping strategies. He’ll be featuring this class in an upcoming spot on his OC16 show.

The entrepreneurs in the business class are making final decisions on products to be sold at the big sale on July 18. Students in writing/reading workshop have been learning how to write reading responses with sufficient detail and explanation, as well as working in their next newspaper edition. In math workshop, the children have been sharpening their memorization of math facts through card games, while other students have been working on geometric puzzles.

Students in the robotics class are creating new vehicles to test different speeds on a racetrack. They are thoroughly enjoying the immediate results of their collaboration, while documenting their learning process. The Ocean Explorations class went to Kuli`ou`ou, the Nu`uanu water pump, Kaimana Beach, and Makiki Loop Trail this week. The Kindergartners have also taken excursions to Manoa Marketplace, the Manoa Heritage Museum, and the Honolulu Zoo, while our 3-and 4-year olds have been enjoying water play, sand play, dramatic play, block building, and storytelling.

With two more weeks of summer school ahead, many of the students are beginning final projects or working towards completion of a major project. Teachers and students are exuding high energy! I understand that the afternoon theater class will be performing their original productions for parents the last week of summer session. Don’t forget our last assembly on July 20, 8:30am, in the dining room, featuring presentations by your children.

This afternoon, we saw flames erupting from the mountainside just above the University of Hawaii. The helicopters came with water; the news stations indicated that six to seven fire stations were summoned to the fire. If there were any emergency, your children would be safely evacuated. This is the reason we practice fire drills.

It was nice to have a day to celebrate our nation’s birthday. The words to God Bless America mean so much today.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey