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Mid-Pacific High School Journalism: Honoring Voice (Hawaii Journalism Awards)

Posted on April 21, 2022

by Dr. Dwayne Priester on April 21, 2022

We live in a hyperconnected world. As a result, our students are keenly aware of what is happening around them - locally, nationally, and internationally. These are unprecedented times, and history is constantly unfolding: the war against Ukraine, global warming, an enduring pandemic, calls for racial justice in communities across the United Hawaii High School Journalism States, and more.

As critical thinkers, our students believe that they must take action if they want a more certain future. Ingrained in the language of Mid-Pacific is a keen awareness that we are interconnected global citizens. In other words, our future is ours to shape.

Our Mid-Pacific student journalists have made it their mission to shape their world with this understanding. Through their artistic and passionate voices of advocacy and curiosity of mind, they are attempting to shift the thinking of their generation in a positive direction. I am immensely proud that our student journalists do more than watch events evolve. Instead, they tackle complex stories that impact their campus and the broader community.

For another year, under the leadership of Dr. Kara Hisatake, our students have earned "Top Honors" at the Hawaii 2022 HHSJA Contest Book.pdf ceremony.

Here is how we did:

  • Poster contest winner, Dillon Balantac

    • 4th place, Best in State

    • 4th place, Best in Writing

    • 2nd place, Best in Photography

    • 2nd place, Best in Design

    • 4th place, Best in Online

  • 1st place, features, Siena Usui and Danika Kusumoto

  • 1st place, editorial cartoon, Archer Liang

  • honorable mention, profile, Kayla Tom

  • 2nd place, sports, Kamm Kojima

  • 2nd place, photo essay, Dillon Balantac

  • 2nd place, action/candid photo, Dillon Balantac

  • honorable mention, illustration, Melissa Spencer

  • 3rd place, infographic, Tia Shimabukuro

  • 3rd place, comic strip, Melissa Spencer

  • 3rd place, blog, Katie Troske

  • Honorable mention, social media, Kayla Tom as the social media editor

Let's continue to celebrate our student journalists who are making a significant impact.