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A Leader's Reflection

Posted on February 6, 2022

by Dr. Dwayne Priester on February 6, 2022

"Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge." ― Simon Sinek

My unfaltering passion for education and lifelong learning has enabled me to lead instructionally and organizationally with faith, integrity, enthusiasm, humility, and through innovative change.

My continuous joy in working with middle and high school learners is in celebrating their sense of curiosity, exploration, and resilience. Firmly, I believe that learning is an infinite journey and am convinced that all children can learn and deserve opportunities to discover and be guided to reach their highest potential. My primary goal is to ensure that students are prepared not only academically, but that they are also inspired by their education to become model citizens in a competitive and rapidly changing world. For meaningful learning to take place, we must create an environment that not only meets the basic academic needs of students and provides an emotionally safe and caring one but also honors uniqueness, cultivates creativity, and stimulates critical thinking. Identifying personal strengths and understanding individual learning styles are integral to student success and building upon the fundamental foundation of student learning. When our students understand that the faculty and staff of their school community genuinely care and are working collaboratively to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment, the message that they matter and are valued becomes clear to them and creates a robust climate for learning.

Administrators are tasked with the responsibility of designing curriculum aligned with the vision of the school and judiciously implementing policy and programs. Consistent facilitation partnered with effective assessment ultimately results in higher academic achievement for students and effective professional development for faculty. My years of leadership have required a skillful blend of people-centered leadership and consensus-building designed to maximize the successes of our students. To achieve this end, I work prudently with the senior administration, faculty, and staff to maintain high professional standards through a clearly articulated and shared vision, thoughtful collaboration, ongoing dialogue, and peer coaching and mentoring.

My strengths stem from my commitment to provide quality education and belief that buildings do not make a school. It is the people - administrators, faculty, staff, students, parents, and other stakeholders. Consistently, my focus is student-centered and in tune with the needs of my faculty and staff. It is imperative that as a pensive listener, I offer an open door to my school community and community at large. This aspect of my leadership is a bridge that has allowed me to cultivate sound relationships with families from diverse populations that continue to strengthen both internal and external relations. My leadership must always demonstrate a clear reflection of my stalwart commitment and faith to those whom I serve.