Baseball at Mid-Pacific

Team Schedule and Scores

Date Opponent Location Time Score
Feb 11Mililani Tournament: KailuaMililani11:00W, 14-4
Feb 12Mililani Tournament: MililaniMililani1:30W, 9-4
Feb 17Clem Hew Tournament: MililaniHome4:00Canceled
Feb 18Clem Hew Tournament: KailuaIolani1:30W, 15-2
Feb 20Clem Hew Tournament: KaiserIolani8:30Canceled
Feb 21RooseveltStevenson Middle School3:30W, 13-5
Feb 23Kitamura Tournament: Kapa'aHome4:00W, 14-1
Feb 24Kitamura Tournament: IolaniHome4:00L, 7-9
Feb 25Kitamura Tournament: Pearl CityHome11:00W, 8-5
Feb 26Kitamura Tournament: MililaniHome8:30W, 6-5
Feb 26Kitamura Tournament: CampbellHome11:00W, 5-2
Mar 1Walter Souza Invitational: Island SchoolVidinha Stadium3:30W, 11-0
Mar 2Walter Souza Invitational: KauaiVidinha Stadium3:30W, 11-2
Mar 3Walter Souza Invitational: WaimeaWaimea High School4:00W, 10-0
Mar 4Walter Souza Invitational: Kapa'aWaimea High School10:30W, 9-1
Mar 7MaryknollHome3:30L, 1-3
Mar 9KamehamehaHome3:30L, 0-2
Mar 11St. LouisHome3:00W, 7-6
Mar 14DamienCORP 13:30PPD: Rain
Mar 16PunahouHome3:30L, 3-5
Mar 18IolaniAway9:00W, 9-2
Mar 20DamienHome3:30W, 3-1
Mar 21PAC 5Home3:30W, 6-1
Mar 23DamienHome3:30W, 5-1
Mar 25St. LouisCORP 19:00W, 3-0
Mar 28PunahouGoeas3:30W, 3-1
Mar 30KamehamehaCORP 16:00L, 2-4
Apr 1IolaniHome9:00W, 18-1
Apr 4PAC 5Goeas3:30PPD: Rain
Apr 6MaryknollAla Wai3:00L, 2-6
Apr 8PAC 5Home9:00W, 15-2
Apr 15ILH Tournament: MaryknollHome9:00W, 6-3
Apr 17ILH Tournament: St. LouisCORP 13:30L, 3-13
Apr 18ILH Tournament: PunahouHome3:30W, 9-5
Apr 19ILH Tournament: KamehamehaCORP 23:30L, 1-6
Season Record:11-7

Date Opponent Location Time Score
Jan 21St. LouisHome12:00Scrimmage
Jan 25KamehamehaHome4:00:00Scrimmage
Jan 28MaryknollHome12:00Scrimmage
Feb 4St. LouisGoeas12:00Canceled
Feb 6St. LouisGoeas4:00L, 1-2
Feb 8IolaniHome4:00W, 9-4
Feb 11MaryknollHome9:00W, 6-5
Feb 15PunahouHome4:00W, 4-1
Feb 21KamehamehaHome4:00L, 5-10
Feb 25PunahouAla Wai9:00L, 0-9
Feb 28IolaniAway4:00W, 6-2
Mar 2KamehamehaAla Wai4:00L, 3-7
Mar 4MaryknollCORP 29:00L, 3-4
Mar 10St. LouisHome4:00W, 5-3
Mar 15ILH Tournament: St. LouisHome4:00W, 8-5
Mar 17ILH Tournament: PunahouCORP 14:00L, 3-7
Season Record: 7-6

Date Opponent Location Time Score
Jan 13PunahouHome4:00Scrimmage
Jan 16KamehamehaAway8:00Scrimmage
Jan 18IolaniHome4:00Scrimmage
Jan 21Kamehameha - BlueHome9:00T, 2-2
Jan 26Iolani - RedAway4:00W, 8-4
Jan 28St. Louis - RedHome9:00L, 2-10
Feb 2Iolani - BlackAway4:00L, 3-11
Feb 4PAC 5 - BrownHome9:00PPD: Rain
Feb 6PAC 5 - BrownHome4:00W, 8-2
Feb 9Punahou - BlueGoeas4:00T, 4-4
Feb 11MaryknollHome12:00W, 4-3
Feb 16ILH Tournament: Kamehameha-BlueHome4:00W, 6-2
Feb 18ILH Tournament: Iolani - BlackAwayTBAPPD: Rain
Feb 22ILH Tournament: Iolani - BlackAway4:00W, 5-1
Feb 25ILH Tournament: PAC 5CORP 212:00W, 8-6
Season Record: 6-2-2 (ILH Champions)

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