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Visual and Digital Arts

Mid-Pacific has a tradition of excellence in Visual and Digital Arts. Our students have been recognized both locally and nationally for their technically strong work, unique styles, and mixed-media approaches. Notably, our students have gone on to varied successful careers that integrate arts into many interdisciplinary fields.

Central to the philosophy of the Visual and Digital Arts program is the belief that great visual art starts with strong foundational skills. Whether students choose to pursue painting, drawing, ceramics, digital art, photography, animation, or film-making, our faculty emphasizes a consistent set of skills and techniques. Equally as important, students are guided through processes of developing personally expressive pieces and self-reflection.

2023 Hawai‘i Regional Scholastic Art Awards

Student Spotlight

Caleb DeSoto ’24


“IB Visual Art is not like a traditional art course because there’s a lot of freedom in how someone can work - it’s completely up to you. I’ve personally gone from paintings to woodworking to sculpture all because I felt like flowing that way. This freedom allows me to experiment with mediums and art styles that I wouldn’t have even been able to try otherwise.”

Ava Lee ’24


“I love that there are plenty of different classes that you can choose from based on your interests. Within each discipline, such as art, you can take a variety of courses. There’s digital art, ceramics, visual arts, and even game design. My world has greatly expanded through this program as I get to know more people and grow my skills, both academically and socially, every day.”



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MPSA Director
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