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The Addams Family Cast

‘Eleu Lukey (Gómez Florencia Addams)
‘Eleu Lukey is starring as Gomez in the Addams Family and can’t wait to show the island what he can do! This will be ‘Eleu’s 3rd show at Mid Pacific. His first being in his freshman year when he played the Role of Manolo Costazuela in the play, “The Odd Couple (Female Version)”. Then he returned to the stage in his sophomore year as the lead role “El Gallo” in the musical, “The Fantasticks”. ‘Eleu is ready to take on the lead role of Gómez and be apart of the amazing Mid Pacific Theatre community again. 

Now ‘Eleu is in his junior year and is a MPSA theatre certificate student. ‘Eleu is a huge fan of all the people involved in the production of the musical. Of course, he gives a lot of credit to his teacher here at Mid Pacific, Linda Johnson, but also to his family and teachers in his middle and elementary school. He has loved the stage ever since he was young and has always been eager to participate in any show. He can’t wait to see how this show will turn out! He says, “This show is bound to impress. With the help of Ms. Train and Ms. Johnson and the cast, this show will make the audience ENTHUSED!”

Eva Rogers (Morticia)
Eva is over the moon to be playing Morticia and co-choreographing The Addams Family! Eva is a junior, and Addams is her 9th MPSA production. Last year, she appeared as Hucklebee in MPSA’s The Fantasticks. Eva is an IB Diploma and 4th year Theatre Certificate student. Eva also enjoys dancing (The Movement Center), singing, playing the piano, creative writing, model U.N., and crocheting. She would like to thank her family and friends for always supporting her; as well as Mama J, Ms. Train, and the entire cast and crew for their dedication and encouragement, and for truly inspiring her with their talent throughout the process.

Brynn Castello (Wednesday)
Brynn is a fourth-year MPSA senior, but this is her first musical at Mid-Pacific. She is very excited to be playing Wednesday and thinks it’s such a fun character. She is also on the Varsity Swim and Waterpolo team and enjoys reading on her free time. She would like to thank her family and friends for putting up with the late rehearsal times and coming to support the performances. Also, a big thank you to Ms. Train and Ms. Johnson for working so hard to make this musical amazing. She is so excited to showcase the musical the cast has worked so hard on for the past few months and can't wait for her friends and family to watch.

Haley Yonemori-Takanishi (Wednesday)
Haley is a junior Mid-Pacific and is part of the MPSA Certificate program. This is Haley's first musical - at least first time working as an actor on a musical - and she's very excited! She's worked on many other Mid-Pacific productions as a light operator for the shows Odd Couple, The Fantasticks, and many other Musical Theatre shows. She hopes that you enjoy this show and wishes you a Happy Halloween! <3

Lexi Roberts (Grandma)
Lexi is a Junior at Mid-Pacific and is participating in the MPSA Theatre Certificate and IB programs. This will be her third show on the Mid-Pacific stage. She was psyched to have been casted in The Fantasticks, then 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and now playing the part of Grandma Addams in The Addams Family. Lexi is a Mid-Pacific Varsity swimmer and waterpolo player. In elementary school she found her passion for theatre while attending Diamond Head Theatre's musical theatre summer experience. It was here she contributed as a student director and was selected this summer as their Lead Student Director. She is grateful to her family, friends, and directors for their continuous love, support, and humor. And don't forget, when you're Addams you can also keep sending, ya you!

Erika Leong (Grandma)
Erika is a junior and Addams Family is her sixth show at Mid-Pacific. One of her recents roles was Bell in Mid-Pacific’s production of The Fantasticks last fall and she is excited to play Grandma in the musical this year. Erika has an amazing time working with this cast and will cherish the memories she made with them. Erika would like to thank all her friends and family for supporting her these past three months and putting up with all her rants about the show. She would also like to thank Mama J, Mrs. Train, and all the crew members would made Addams Family as great as it is and she hopes you enjoy the show!

Marisa Wade (Pugsley)
Marisa is a Junior this year at Mid-Pacific and part of the Theatre Art Certificate program. This is her 2nd MPSA show, and she is ecstatic to be playing Pugsley in this year’s musical, The Addams Family. Marisa has also acted in MPSA’s production, Julius Caesar, during her Freshman year of high school. She would like to thank her mom, for always loving and supporting her dreams, aspirations, interests, hobbies, weird ideas, even weirder personality, determinations, and… well.. etc.—! And of course, she would like to say, thank you so much to Ms. Johnson and Ms. Train, for not only believing in the cast the entire way, but helping and supporting them in becoming the best actors they can be! Marisa is extremely proud of this kooky, funny, and fantabulous show, and she hopes you enjoy it! Mahalo!

Toshiro Anand Kamra (Pugsley
Toshiro loves being a part of theatre and can’t wait to do it again next year! He is in the blue cast, so don’t forget to visit both performance times to see both casts! He is also amazing, awesome, super cool and funny, and very humble 😎🔥🔥💯💯

Myles Dunn (Fester)
Myles is both happy and sad to be a part of his final musical here at Mid-Pacific, having been in the MPSA program for going on five years and a student of Ms. Johnson’s for the last four years. Myles is beyond grateful for all the opportunities and wisdom that Ms. Johnson has imparted. Ms. Johnson has become much more than a teacher, she is a mentor and a role model who he will never forget. 

Myles is thankful to Ms. Train for always pushing him to reach his fullest vocal potential, teaching him not to doubt himself so much, and helping him to build up his confidence to become a better performer. Myles would also like to thank his Mom for being his #1 supporter in theatre, driving him to where he needed to go, making sure he had everything he needed for shows, constantly looking for new theatre opportunities, and showing up for shows. Last but not least, Myles would like to thank friends for always being there, and giving support through everything. Myles couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Nicolai Perez (Lucas)
Nico is a senior at Mid-Pacific and has been part of the Theatre Art Certificate Program for five years. This is Nico’s 4th MPSA show and super thrilled to be Lucas in this year’s production of Addams Family. Nico has also played a senator in Julius Caesar, Carlos in Wind of a Thousand Tales, and Uncle George in Willy Wonka. Nico hasn’t done a musical at Mid-Pacific since 8th grade and is beyond excited to be in Addams Family.

Michi Yorkston (Alice
Michi is honored to be apart of such a talented cast, and even more thrilled to be one of the choreographers for the Addams family *snap snap*. This is her 4th year in the theatre certificate program and 2nd year in film certificate. In all of the Mid-Pacific productions she’s been in, her favorite role was in the Fantastiks last year. Michi enjoys dancing, running Fashion Club, playing guitar, crocheting, hanging out with friends, and doing art. Lastly, a big thanks to Mama J and Ms.Train for coaching her. Also shout out to her friends and family for constantly cheering her on and putting up with practicing the songs on the way home in the car.

Michelle Kelly (Alice)
Michelle is a shining senior and a four year MPSA Certificate student. She started attending Mid-Pacific in ninth grade and has been a part of 6 productions as well as working as assistant director and backstage crew. She is happy to be able to do another musical during her high school career as her first musical, The Fantasticks, was a very memorable production. She is thankful for Mrs. Train who helped her improved her voice the past three year which lead to her getting the part of Alice. Also, she would like to thank Ms. Johnson for her coaching and advice during class and the shows. Michelle is very honored to be a part of the amazing cast and hopes that you enjoy the show!

Isaiah-Jac Kim Cua, Mal Beineke, Isaiah-Jac (Mal)
IJ has been a student at Mid-Pacific since the sixth grade and has lived in Hawaii his whole life. His biggest kryptonite's are doughnuts and conversations. He wants to thank his family, for the constant support. He also says thank you to Mrs Train, for teaching and helping him become more comfortable with his overall voice. Before The Addams Family Musical, he had never sang on stage before, so it was pretty nerve racking, but with Ms. Train’s help, he feels he was able to use his voice to the fullest. 

He thanks fellow cast mates, for making this experience so memorable, expressing that everyone has so much talent and are just genuinely great people. Last but not least, he shares his gratitude for Ms Johnson, for putting up with everyone since the freshman year. IJ has learned so much from her class and her teaching. Ms. Johnson always brings energy into the classroom, and fills it with wisdom. As a director, IJ had a lot of fun being able to do a production with Ms. Johnson. Ms Johnson has his deepest respect.

Raymond King (Lurch)
Raymond is a junior at Mid-Pacific and he is stoked to play the role of Lurch in his first ever play, The Addams Family. Outside of the play Raymond is apart of the IB Diploma program and enjoys water sports such as paddling and bodyboarding. He's appreciative of the support of the cast and believes that if it wasn't for Ms. Johnson's and Ms. Train's dedication and encouragement then this play wouldn't be the great performance you see today! He hopes you enjoy!

C Baker-Hefley (Ancestor
C is incredibly excited to be doing their second show at Mid-Pacific! They have been doing Theatre for 5 years now. Until now, they’ve been in the crew, but now they’re stepping on to the stage! They would like to thank their friends, family and all of their theater teachers, past and present, for the opportunities that they’ve given them!

Samantha Hart (Ancestor)
Samantha will be playing the role of The Bride Ancestor, and she is very excited! A senior, she has taken four years of theater classes, and she cannot believe this show will be one of her last at Mid-Pacific. She would like to thank Ms. Train for directing the music of this show, helping the actors who are not typically in music-related shows find their voices, and being a wonderful musical theater vocal ensemble teacher, and she would like to thank Ms. Johnson for being a professional and detail-oriented director and for teaching the acting classes Samantha has been in during her time at Mid-Pacific.

Terynn Horita (Ancestor)
Terynn is a Junior this year at Mid-Pacific Institute and part of the Theatre Arts Program. This is Terynn’s 6th MPSA show and she’s been doing this since the 7th grade. Terynn is also a part of Mid-Pacific’s Student Council, National Honor Society, Student Ambassador, Elementary Program, and a variety of different Clubs. She is very grateful for all the support she has gotten from her family especially her Parents and Twin Sister! She is also very grateful for all the support she received from her friends! Terynn is very thankful for Ms. Johnson, Ms. Train, and her amazing Addams Family Cast who have always been there for her and made this experience special! She looks forward to working with everyone again and hopes you enjoy the show!

Ava Kagimoto (Ancestor)
Ava is a Junior this year and part of the Theater Art certificate program. Ava is so excited to be part of the Addams Family cast. This is Ava’s 3rd play at Mid-Pacific, following roles in “The Odd Couple” and “Momotaro”. Ava is grateful to Ms. Johnson and Ms. Train for this opportunity and all the support. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Serafina Sparrell (Ancestor)
Serafina is a sophomore at Mid-Pacific. This is her fourth show in two years and she is playing as one of the ancestors in the Addams Family musical. In her first year at Mid-Pacific, she was in Anime Momotaro, Fairytales and fables, and 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling bee. She was part of the swim team, even going to practices over the summer. In the summer before her sophomore year, she volunteered to help integrate foreign exchange students before school started. Serafina is very thankful for her Mother for supporting her, along with Ms. Train and Ms. Johnson for teaching the classes that allowed her to learn what she has. Serafina is ecstatic about how far the musical has progressed and hopes that everyone comes to see it at least once, enjoys it, and appreciates all the hard work put into it.

Natalie Yang (Ancestor)
Natalie is very excited to be part of Addams Family at Mid-Pacific! She recently worked with Ohana Arts and appeared in this past summer’s production of Means Girls. She’s also had fun appearing in Mid-Pacific summer productions of Madagascar Jr and Alice in Wonderland Jr. She thanks her family and friends for their support!

Ami Yakumaru (Ancestor)
Ami is a sophomore this year at Mid-Pacific and is a part of the Addams Family. She is very excited to be part of the Addams Family. She is very great full for this experience. She is very thankful for all her family members and her friends for all the support they gave her. She is also very thankful for Ms.Johnson for improving her skills in a very short amount of time and is looking forward to work with her more throughout the year. She is also thankful for Ms.Train for giving her advice on how to improve and why it is important. Ami is so excited to be part of her first show at Mid-Pacific! She loves being part of the group and enjoys hanging out with the cast members. She really hopes that you enjoy the show!

Kailey Holbrook - Assistant Director / Stage Manager
Kailey is a Junior this year at Mid-Pacific Institute. She has worked in the theater department two years before, always as a crew member. Last year, she stepped into one of the roles in the musical “The Fantasticks”. Kailey is a part of the film certificate program and works on her own projects outside of the theater. She is an IB Dipolma student with two Film classes and no free periods.

Kailey loves her time in the theater. It is her favorite after school activity, and is very grateful to be a part of the crew in a leadership position. She is every excited for the show and can't wait for everyone to see it! She would like to thank her family, her friends, and those who have supported her along the way. Shout out to Ms. Johnson for all of her coaching!




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