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Pūpūkahi I Ke Alo O Nā Pua is Mid-Pacific’s hula hālau. Under the direction of Kumu Hula Michael Lanakila Casupang, Pūpūkahi has represented Mid-Pacific in Hawai‘i, throughout the U.S. and internationally.

All students in grades 9 through 12 involved in our hula classes are considered part of Pūpūkahi. In addition to their rigorous work in hula, Pūpūkahi members learn the language, traditions and crafts of Hawai‘i. They showcase their work at our annual spring and fall dance concerts.

While Pūpūkahi I Ke Alo O Nā Pua pursues artistic excellence, there is also a strong focus on family. Students develop positive traits and healthy relationships that last a lifetime.

Hula students at Mid-Pacific are eligible to be involved in either the School of the Arts Hula Certificate Program or our new Hawaiian Studies Certificate Program.

Pūpūkahi Spring Concert 2022 Piʻo Ke Ānuenue

Student Spotlight



“The Mid-Pacific School of the Arts program is led by many multi-layered, compassionate, and life-changing mentors. A special faculty member that I have been impacted by is Kumu Michael Lanakila Casupang. Kumu Lanakila is like my second father and a role model to me. He has taught me how to be a gentleman, an organized person, and to be anything but mediocre. Our hula program, Pūpūkahi I Ke Alo Nā Pua is a special program that's more than a class, it's family.”



“The hula program has always been a class I’m able to go to and feel safe and people who feel like family! This program and Kumu Lanakila has made a huge impact on my life and he is always there to laugh with and comfort you! He always knows what to say and knows when something is wrong and is ready to talk with you through it!”



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MPSA Director
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