School of the Arts

Artistic expression opens young minds to the realms of "what if " and "why not," stretching the imagination in ways that influence every aspect of learning. It is for this reason that Mid-Pacific has made the arts an integral part of every student's core curriculum. We believe that the arts are as much a part of an individual's development and success as they are a part of a meaningful and enlightened society.

Mid-Pacific Institute offers intensive arts training in dance, hula, instrumental music, media, musical theatre, theatre, visual arts, and voice. Here, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in art - its technique, theory, history and, of course, performance. Whether they are fulfilling their arts elective requirements for graduation or are pursuing accelerated training through the School of the Arts Certificate Program, all students are trained by faculty who are accomplished teachers as well as noted working artists in their respective fields.

Featured Event

Tibetan Prayer Flags Inspire School Art Projects

Posted on December 15, 2022

Project Overview from Abbey Day, Elementary School Art Specialist, and Alison Beste, MPSA Photography

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