MPIAA Awards

Mid-Pacific Institute Alumni Association (MPIAA) Awards

The MPIAA continues the tradition of honoring outstanding alumni and distinguished Mid-Pacific supporters for their service to the school and the community at the Alumni Pā'ina, which is the school's largest alumni gathering of the year. Awards are scheduled to be presented to the 2022 honorees at the next Alumni Pā'ina on Saturday, July 16, 2022. Below are the award descriptions and criteria:

Alumnus/Alumna of the Year: The highest award of the MPIAA is presented to a person who has provided outstanding service to the school, displayed a strong sense of support and loyalty, and has dedicated significant effort to the improvement of Mid-Pacific Institute.


1. Graduate of Mid-Pacific is preferred; former Mid-Pacific students but non-graduates may be considered.

2. All things being equal, preference will be given for service to Mid-Pacific.

3. Award(s) will be presented annually.

4. Person selected must be someone with a favorable reputation.

5. Person must be living when selected.

6. Person must be present to receive the award.

Wa'ahila Award: This distinguished award is presented to a graduate of Mid-Pacific Institute or a person closely associated with Mid-Pacific who has excelled in his/her field of endeavor and has attained a level of prominence which exceeds his/her service to Mid-Pacific, yet reflects favorably on Mid-Pacific Institute.


1. Graduate of Mid-Pacific is preferred. Non-graduates with ties to Mid-Pacific may be considered.

2. Preference will be given for excellence in field of endeavor or prominence within the community, which reflects favorably on Mid-Pacific.

3. This award will be made only when there are qualified candidates.

Please click here to see a list of previous award recipients.

Nominations are due by January 28, 2022. To submit your nomination, please click here or contact Heidi Bow `91, Director of Alumni Relations at or (808) 973-5007. Thank you!