Next Generation Science Standards

“We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist, using technologies that haven’t been invented, in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.”
Karl Fisch, “Did You Know”

Mid-Pacific is pleased to be joining multiple schools and states across the nation taking the initiative to create a unified science experience for our students K-12 that will be both academically rigorous and excellent preparation for each student’s future. Science can neither be learned nor understood by students who do not see the value in what is being taught or the connection to their lives and to the wider community.

By taking integrated science courses, Mid-Pacific students will learn all major science subjects. This will ensure that all students will have access to the full range of Mid-Pacific’s science course offerings. The integrated nature of NGSS will allow students to learn topics across various sciences, making important connections instead of in isolated subject specific fragments. Throughout each of the Integrated Science courses, students will develop a deeper understanding of crosscutting concepts such as cause and effect and how concepts permeate across all sciences. Making links between all science disciplines and associated engineering principles will help students retain scientific knowledge and skills for use in the future, both at college and in science related careers.

NGSS will focus not only on the topics currently covered in the high school biology, chemistry and physics requirements but will also expose students to the often neglected science fields of environmental, Earth and space sciences. All of these fields of study are essential for any well-educated adult entering tomorrow’s world. Students will learn not only scientific content but also the skills and practices necessary to think scientifically; apply technology and make connections to engineering practices. Throughout the NGSS students will be developing next generation skill sets:

Next Generation Skill Sets:

  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
  • Collaboration
  • Agility & Adaptability
  • Initiative & Entrepreneurialism
  • Effective Oral & Written Communication
  • Accessing & Analyzing Information
  • Curiosity & Imagination

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will my child still be required to take biology, chemistry and physics?

    No. All students from the class of 2019 onwards will be taking (see chart below):

    • Integrated Science I (predominantly physical sciences) in grade 9
    • Integrated Science II (predominantly biological sciences) in grade 10
    • Integrated Science III (predominantly Earth & Space sciences) in grade 11
  2. Is Integrated Science as academically rigorous as the separate science courses of biology, chemistry and physics?

    Yes. Throughout the three-year program, all core concepts in the traditional biology, chemistry and physics will be taught. In fact, it is more academically rigorous as students will not only be additionally learning Earth, Space and Environmental science, but also applying their knowledge to engineering practices.

  3. Will the Integrated Science courses prepare my child for IB and AP courses?

    Yes most definitely. In fact taking the Integrated Science I and II courses will better prepare your sons and daughters for IB sciences. Students will have had exposure to biology, chemistry, environmental and physics topics, enabling them to make a more informed choice as to which science discipline they should pursue at IB or AP level. All concepts learned throughout Integrated Science I and II will provide the scientific foundational knowledge for any of the IB and AP science courses.

  4. How can my child be eligible for IB and AP science courses?

    Since IB higher -level courses are a two-year program in the junior and senior years, IB science students will take the IB science standard level course in the junior year instead of Integrated Science III. In the senior year, students can then take the IB higher level or AP course in that subject or take a second IB standard level science course.

  5. Will the Integrated Science courses prepare my child for college?

    Yes most definitely. All students will be prepared for any freshman level college science course.

  6. Where can I find out more information about NGSS?

    Detailed curriculum information can be found at the NGSS main website:

  7. I have more questions about NGSS, where can I get more information?

    The NGSS have produced their own set of FAQs:

    Download NGSS Parent Guide

  8. How are NGSS perceived across the nation?

    The NGSS have received high praise across the nation from the business community to scientists and engineers to science teachers to the public at large. Open the link below to access voices of support from a large number of different organizations and individuals.