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Nurturing Learning Environment

Mid-Pacific Preschool is a progressive learning community well regarded for its highly qualified faculty and unique, nurturing environment.

Children are viewed as active authors of their own development by systematically exploring and making meaning of their learning in artistic, verbal, cognitive, expressive, and kinesthetic ways -- “the Hundred Languages” -- a term that the Reggio Emilia School so aptly uses to describe the diverse and multiple ways in which children can communicate. These languages include words, movement, drawing, painting, building, collage, dramatic play, singing, and shadow play, to name a few.

Approaches Inspired By Reggio Emilia Schools

Educators in Reggio Emilia believe that children learn best through exploration and interactions with their peers and adults in their surroundings. Children organize what they have learned through a process of reflecting, revisiting, and reworking their ideas. We have borrowed components and principles from the schools of Reggio Emilia to create a program unique to our own cultural identity, which provides a solid foundation for later learning. Most importantly, they are given time to discover for themselves how the world works in a safe, child-centered environment.

The Preschool Experience


Dr. Edna L. Hussey

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