Student Life

Mid-Pacific provides a coordinated program to care for the emotional and social well being of all students. The Mid-Pacific high school staff includes a grade level Dean for each grade, a College Counseling department, Student Assistance Program counselor for additional socio-emotional support, school nurse, chaplain, and Director of Student Activities in order to make sure that all students are supported as needs arise throughout their time in high school. This group works as a team, consulting with faculty and administration, to best meet the individual needs of our students.

Grade Level Deans

Each grade level in high school is assigned a Dean who matriculates with the class through grades 9-12. The Deans work with students, parents, and faculty to promote the growth of each student through academic advising as well as social and personal counseling. When it appears a student may require in-depth or extended counseling, his/her Dean will consult with parents regarding referral to outside professionals. Deans also counsel students with regard to appropriate behavior, and may assign demerits as necessary, as well as reporting a grade for Citizenship for all students each quarter.

Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The SAP counselor provides a safe environment for student guidance and counseling outside of and in addition to their Dean’s guidance and support. Student support groups and individual counseling will be provided as needed. The SAP counselor will also be available to provide “drop -in” counseling services.

College And Career Counselors

The College Counselors work with the Deans at each grade level to provide age-appropriate planning for college. College counselors also provide information and guidance about colleges, financial aid/scholarships, and coordinate college-related events as well. College counselors and Deans host 125-150 college meetings annually for juniors and seniors at Mid-Pacific, sharing information and understanding with representatives from local, mainland, and some international colleges and universities.

Student Activities

The Director of Student Activities oversees all co-curricular programs at Mid-Pacific Institute (except for athletics), including assemblies and camps and the annual Ho’olaule’a event, as well as all class, club and student government activities/events.


Under the direction of our school Chaplain, students attend weekly Chapel sessions intended to create an environment for the development of strong values and responsible behavior. Mid-Pacific’s religious heritage holds the belief that knowledge of Judeo-Christian principles and values provides a spiritual, moral, and ethical foundation essential to character. Mid-Pacific’s Chapel program does not proselytize but rather exposes students to a worldview that can inform their spiritual and moral development.