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Magical Months

Magical Months
Kelley Hitomi

It seems that March and April are two wonderful magical months. Months that I get to experience the growth in each child. Growth in academics as well as social development. Watching their confidence grow and noticing the children using different strategies to help them decode a word, spell a word, solve a word/story problem in math, create a bakery for their city with the supplies in the atelier, being able to collaborate with their group, and being kind to others. Just last Friday, Ms. Goldstein shared that one ╩╗Elepaio 7 student was walking to his classroom in the rain. He started to run just so he could share his umbrella with another student. What an amazing story to share with his parents during conferences!

During reading, I noticed that the children have become more confident in their reading skills. Some do not hesitate decoding challenging or unfamiliar words. It is wonderful to watch the different strategies each child uses. Sounding it out multiple times, using the illustrations for clues, breaking down the word, skipping the word and coming back to it, or sometimes they just have to ask for help. It’s refreshing to see them ask a friend for help instead of their teacher.

Our journal writing time is much longer because the children are writing more and able to focus for longer periods. They have also learned more language tools and a more developed vocabulary. When writing about their weekend adventure, they are including more details that are very important to a reader so he/she can get a clear picture when reading, in cluding where, what, who, and when.

I have been enjoying working and observing the children in their inquiry groups. They have been very busy creating their city. Watching the children work together or taking initiative by suggesting what they can do or what materials to use simply amazes me with how creative they are and what great problem solvers they are.

I just do not want these magical months to end! I think I say that because I know the end is coming and the kinders will soon fly up to first grade.

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