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Aloha Families!

Aloha Families!
Andrew Lenec

In early March, just days before Spring Break, our school had a special visit from an artist who has had a strong impact on our community.

John Farrell and his wife Ann Marie spent two days with us on the elementary campus, sharing music and stories. Even before his visit, if you had asked any Mid-Pacific elementary student who he was, they would be able to tell you a lot - we frequently sing John’s songs for weekly chapels and other school-wide events (including for Grandparents Day this year!)

John Farrell works with schools across the globe to foster environments of empathy and community, and to spread a message of peace and empowerment to young children. His songs often tell stories of his own, relatable experiences as a child, and his live performances include a ton of audience participation that keep children rapt throughout.

Feedback on John’s visit was overwhelmingly positive not only from students but from teachers, too. His calm demeanor and engaging style allowed us all to breathe deeply and center ourselves before our much-needed break.

We can’t wait to see John back here in Hawai‘i when he’s next able to visit and teach us a few more songs!

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