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Jumping into Spring Semester

Jumping into Spring Semester
Preston Pires

Mid-Pacific elementary school students have taken the challenge living healthy active lifestyles this spring. Students participated in various events giving them an opportunity to promote lifelong fitness with family and friends inside and outside of school.

On February 10, 2024 a handful of Mid-Pacific Elementary families participated in the annual Keiki Great Aloha Run at Magic Island with runners from all over Oahu. Students had a fun experience learning to exercise with family and friends in a 1.5 mile run and playing interactive physical activities at Magic Island. While preparing for the fun run, students learned how to pace themselves for long distance runs and the importance of eating healthy.


Our school community took part in the annual Kid’s Heart Challenge campaign, which donated $20,043.73 to the American Heart Association to help children with heart conditions and research. Students realized how important daily exercise, sleep, and nutrition are for their bodies. Also, students explored the socioemotional aspect of how exercise can make you feel happy working as a team and helping others.

During Kid’s Heart Challenge, students explored different ways of jumping while incorporating basketball skill sets. Students in grades K-2 focused on gaining timing and body control with the short rope, long rope, helicopter, hula-hoops and Chinese jump rope. Eye-hand coordination was enhanced learning to dribble the basketball at different heights and directions. Students in grades 3-5 used their jumping skills to execute higher level tricks involving movements like double-unders and criss-cross patterns. Teamwork was displayed with partner jumps, double-dutch long-rope, and two-ball passing and dribbling activities. Basketball shooting techniques were displayed in games of school, knockout, cat and mouse, and half-court games.

The unit concluded with a memorable Kid’s Heart Challenge day on February 15th that was made possible with about 300 elementary school students and 50 parent volunteers. Students participated in friendly games on the Elementary court and Mills gym throughout the school day. The event started with the 5th graders mentoring their preschool buddies on the elementary with interactive jumping and shooting games involving jumps ropes, Nemo fish, and hopper balls. The day concludes with jump rope and basketball stations in Mills gym that was highlighted with the annual school jump off competition.

During March students participated in physical activities for our school Spring Fest Day that included games of Connect 4, cosmic bowling, and hockey-golf. Following an introduction using a hockey stick, students in grades 3-5 have begun their pillow hockey since returning from spring break. The pillow hockey unit will help students utilize skills of striking a moving object and using offensive and defensive strategies for games. Students in Kindergarten through 2nd have begun using scoops to enhance the catching and tracking skills.

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