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Happy Holi, Happy Spring

Happy Holi, Happy Spring
Jennifer Manuel

Happy Holi, happy spring! On our first full spring moon, the children in Multiage 1/2 experienced a colorful tradition celebrated across India to honor the transition of seasons and new life. Holi is a time to celebrate the richness of the land and liveliness of spring. According to Hindu mythology, the stories of Holi represent a celebration of good over evil, lightness overcoming darkness, and love. It’s a time where people forget their differences and…become uniquely colorful!

Thank you to Trupti and Eshanka from Ms. Balubar’s class for inviting us to participate in Holi! What a wonderful and new tradition we experienced together in the courtyard. Multiage 1/2 children gathered to sample a delicious treat called jalebi, which was a fried-syrupy deliciousness! Afterwards we ran around and joyously tossed the vibrant colored powder at each other, and the colors of the rainbow were everywhere! Magic, right? Well, add some laughter, friendship, and the memories of Holi were created.

Bura na mano, Holi hai!
Happy Spring!

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