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Community Fest

Community Fest
Dr. Edna Hussey

What a way to fly into Spring Break! After a full day of SpringFest for students, faculty, and staff, I guarantee early bedtimes for all, especially the adults. The images in the blog capture the spirit of the day — dance party, games, popcorn, pizza, face painting, paper airplanes (after the kites broke), basketball, obstacle course, and more. Just ask the children about the best part of SpringFest, and you might hear a list of activities. If the purpose of SpringFest was to celebrate our Mid-Pacific community, the planning committee accomplished this and more.





The children also benefited from learning with peace educator John Farrell — composer, author, musician — and his wife, Ann Marie. As the founder of Bridges of Peace and Hope, he and Ann Marie have visited over 1500 schools in 25 countries sharing their songs and stories about a range of themes, e.g., kindness, perseverance, empathy, respect, mindfulness. His teaching complemented similar themes in our Character Education program. A master storyteller, he expertly wove his stories, humor, and songs, capturing the focus and imagination of all ages. You might be hearing your child hum or sing his songs now and then.

Ask your children about the song “It’s the Little Things,” which you can also find here. You can learn the song and sign language and sing with your child. The lyrics are beautifully simple yet rich with meaning.



The campus will be relatively quiet while students and faculty enjoy a two-week spring break, though there are several facilities and maintenance projects underway. However you and your family are spending these two weeks, I hope you are all safe. The school office hours are 7:00am-3:30pm daily. Let’s return to campus March 25th rested and re-energized for the remaining nine weeks of the school year.

E Kūlia Kākou! Let’s strive and aspire together!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey, Ed.D.

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