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It’s the Little Things

It’s the Little Things
Jennifer Manuel

As I sit down to write my thoughts on the `i`iwi community this week, you might be on a plane heading somewhere you always dreamed of going or in a wondrous place traveling together as a family. You might be at home, snuggled up over a coffee and a morning movie, just because you can. My hope for all of you and the children is that you celebrate the little things over your vacation and come back to school refreshed and ready for an amazing end to our school year.

John Farrell and his wife, Ann Marie, who composed the song “It’s the Little Things” the children performed at Grandparents’ Day, joined us in person for a special event organized by Mr. Lenec. They were able to share their inspiration with all the children on how important it is to have empathy and kindness in the world, and yes, it’s really ‘all of the little things that we do that make this world a little better.’ John was a fantastic storyteller! He shared a challenging moment he faced in his own life as a child where he was not treated with empathy and it impacted him enough that as an adult, he wrote a song with powerful lyrics about ‘putting yourself in someone’s shoes’ to spread more kindness. Yes, that’s empathy he’s singing about.

Our special assembly with John Farrell and his wife, Ann Marie.

Music class with our special guests.

This past week we introduced a new strategy on how to solve problems and feel empowered to practice conflict resolution skills within our `i`iwi community. THINK! Is the strategy we have practiced through role playing and listening to stories within the classroom on how to navigate our feelings, build empathy, how to address bullying and cheating, and create a culture of positivity and kindness together. I encourage you to implement this same conflict resolution strategy at home while solving problems that might arise as a family. It’s so powerful!



A great read discussing boundaries for children.

We will continue to implement this concept of THINK when we return from our well-deserved spring break adventures. We will together, try and reimagine a classroom culture that best represents Mid-Pacific and our values. Because at the end of each day, after your child’s day full of learning and growing, you want to know that your child is happy. You want to know that your child is safe. You want to know that your child is encouraged to find solutions to their problems and become empowered and confident. You want your child to be inspired by kindness and joy. As Mr.Farrell shared, ‘when we put our lights together, and do the little things together, we can make this world…a little better. It’s the little things that we do.’

Check out the song referred to throughout this blog and forever as inspiration in my classroom.

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