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Grand Parent + Grand Child = The Grandest!

Grand Parent + Grand Child = The Grandest!
Dr. Edna Hussey

Grandparents’ Day is a much beloved celebration of our Kupuna, and having seen them this past Friday on campus, it’s really no wonder why they are Grand Parents. In the virtual and on-campus events, it was clear just how much the grandparents really, really love their moʻopuna. I eavesdropped on the virtual conversations in the preschool, and I could see and hear the mutual affection between grandchild and grandparents. There were the same expressions of endearment and admiration during the on-campus classroom visits. Even from as far as Sweden or Thailand or Japan or New York City, distances dissolved in the exchange between grandchild and grandparent. Heart to heart.


We opened Grandparents’ Day with the spirited, resonant strains played by a bagpiper who walked past classrooms, weaving through the throngs of guests gathered around the courtyard, while students entered the courtyard. After the sound of the pū calling us from all parts of the world, we welcomed guests with the ʻoli, Welina Mānoa, and a song in sign language (It’s the Little Things by John Farrell). Guests joined their grandchildren in the classroom for nearly an hour together. Students introduced their guests, sang songs, read books, played games, or did some art activities together. Conversations were sprinkled with questions to their grandparents — What was school like when you were my age? What was your favorite subject? How did you get to school? What did you like best in elementary school? And more questions about “favorites”— color? game? movie? food? snack? And when it was time to leave the Zoom room or classroom, there was time to squeeze in one more big hug, one more I love you!, and one more I’m so proud of you!


This tradition of 20+ years is my favorite, not because I am a grandparent, but because it’s during this event that I feel like I’m welcoming back old friends — friends I’ve known for years. They still have the familiar twinkle in their eyes, the broad and beautiful smile, the warmth in their friendly embrace. Everywhere I could feel the pride in their grandchildren and their gratefulness for having Grand Children.

While it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to plan and organize an event of this magnitude. Kudos to co-organizers extraordinaire Jayme Sakai and Cheryll Aldridge, parent volunteers who prepared the photo mementos, Jasper Wong who designed the fun frame, more parent volunteers who set up refreshments, tables, chairs, registration, Greg Kim who was the bagpiper, Mid-Pacific’s campus security and facilities crews, Sodexo, staff from other campus offices who drove the Tutu Taxi (golf carts), and Elite valet service. Special mahalo to the preschool and elementary faculty and staff who prepared their students very well for Grandparentsʻ Day.

I look forward to welcoming new and returning grandparents to Kūpuna Day (next year we are changing the name to honor our Hawaiian heritage). A hui hou.

E Kūlia Kākou! Let’s strive and aspire together!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey, Ed.D.

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