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Magical Day

Magical Day
Kelley Hitomi

This is my nineteenth year teaching at Mid-Pacific and my all-time favorite elementary tradition is Grandparents’ Day. Virtually and on campus. Two magical days where the children get to share about their time in kindergarten, introduce their friends, teach their grandparents a math game or two, take a tour of our beautiful classrooms, spend time water painting with their family members, and just have family fun time. It was a very magical time with perfect weather, beautiful music, and people.

I was very impressed with the kindergartners being on Zoom with their grandparents. They had so much to share about school, friends, and just catching up with their grandparent(s). They were all wonderful hosts. It was wonderful to see the children introduce a friend or two to their grandparents. It was very touching to see.

Hi Grand-mommy. How are you?
Grandpa, this is my best friend J.
B, do you want to meet my grandpa?
This is the atelier. Ms. Jordan is our teacher.
I like to paint and make jewelry.
This is my favorite story.

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