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Grandparents Day: A Journey of Love, Aloha, and Celebration

Grandparents Day: A Journey of Love, Aloha, and Celebration
Noelani Goldstein

Grandparents Day wasn’t just a two-day affair; it spanned two whole months of heartfelt preparation and joyous celebration! It all kicked off in early January with the invaluable assistance of our wonderful room parent. She organized a Google Form and reached out to our classroom parents, gathering precious photos and details about each living grandparent and cherished family member.

Once we had all the information in hand, it was time to create personalized book covers and select photos for each student's booklet dedicated to their family members. The children poured their Aloha spirit into every word and drawing, knowing they were crafting a truly special gift. With diligence and care, they painstakingly detailed each event and shared thoughtful sentiments about their loved ones.

When the students finished their books, we had the assistance of two helpful “menehunes,” Mrs. Tokuda and Nurse Mai-Ly. They helped with hole-punching, ribbon tying, and attaching owl charms. Throughout the week, the children also learned two special songs to perform.

Prior to the big day, the children practiced speaking confidently in front of a laptop, even rehearsing with Ms. Byrne's 3rd and 4th-grade class. They received valuable tips from their older peers, such as speaking slowly and ending with a smile.

Then came Thursday, the day of our Virtual Grandparents Day on Zoom. The children, inspired by their classmates' advice, spoke with confidence, sang beautifully, and beamed with pride. Following their presentation, students connected with their grandparents via their school iPads. They shared their memory books, gave virtual classroom tours, and showcased our campus and blue skies.



Friday marked the grand event! A bagpiper signaled the gathering of students and teachers on the grassy area. As we made our way outside, we saw grandparents calling out their grandchildren’s names, waving with joy. Chaplain Sung blessed the event, followed by the ceremonial blowing of the pū and our oli Welina Mānoa. The music teacher led us in “The Little Things.”

After the presentations, the children returned to the classroom to formally greet their families. At the classroom door, Mrs. Adams welcomed each guest with a warm smile and “Aloha, please come in!” The joyous reunions filled the room with hugs and kisses as students introduced their family members and sang “Grandparents Are Special” in both English and ʻolelo Hawaiʻi.


This year, we had two groups rotating between classroom and outdoor activities. Inside, students gifted their family members with their special books, gave tours, shared journal writings, and collected heartfelt notes for their Memory Books. Meanwhile, outside, families engaged in games, laughter, and learning, showcasing their hula hoop skills, strategic moves in Connect Four, and enjoying math games taught by the students.




The smiles, laughter, and warm embraces were truly the highlights for us Kindergarten teachers. We extend our sincere appreciation to everyone involved in making this event a success, from our dedicated organizers to our supportive volunteers and, most importantly, to all the grandparents and family members who participated. Until next year!

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