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The Priceless Experience of Grandparents’ Day

The Priceless Experience of Grandparents’ Day
Liane Angaran

I wanted to highlight one of our most treasured annual traditions - Grandparents’ Day.

For those who may be new to our community, Grandparents’ Day is a special event held each year where we invite our students’ grandparents to visit our school, join their grandchildren in their classrooms, and participate in various activities. We also had a virtual Grandparents’ Day on the day before allowing grandparents from afar to connect with their grandchildren.

This intergenerational experience is incredibly valuable for our students. It provides them an opportunity to bond with their grandparents, share their learning experiences, and gain wisdom from the older generation. Grandparents, in return, get to witness firsthand their grandchildren’s progress and development in the school environment.

Grandparents’ Day is not just about celebrating our elders. It is a day of learning, sharing, and creating memories that our students will cherish. It’s a day that highlights the importance of family, love, and respect for all generations.

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