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Celebrating International Week

Celebrating International Week
Jennifer Manuel

Mid-Pacific Institute is a very special place to learn, thrive, and grow. Each child is celebrated as an individual, an artist, and an innovator. It’s no wonder that students from all over the world, such as Korea, India, China, Mongolia, and Japan have the desire to come and study at Mid-Pacific. The cultural diversity on campus is celebrated and honored, and students were able to showcase their own cultural heritage through International Education week.

Celebrating over a game of Uno

Middle and High School students came in to play board games and card games with our children, and there was excitement in the air from the moment they walked in! After the students introduced themselves and celebrated connections, it was beautiful to witness the conversation among the diverse group of students hovered over games. “I’m from Japan too! I can speak Japanese!” or “I’m Korean and Chinese!” a few of the keiki proudly stated in front of their peers. There were even students speaking in their mother language throughout the experience, and hugging each other as we parted ways.

The board games and card games provided a safe space for the students to practice their English skills, and first and second graders had a wonderful opportunity to engage in cooperative and challenging games where they practiced life skills, such as taking turns, winning and losing, and strategy. The laughter was contagious and the children, both young and old, were engaged and connected.

There is a sense of belonging within our classroom walls. We are truly lucky to celebrate International Education week here at Mid-Pacific Institute.

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