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Celebrating Gratitude

Celebrating Gratitude
Noelani Goldstein

As we approach Thanksgiving, our kindergarten classroom buzzes with excitement and warmth. This past week, we've been busily preparing for the holiday season in a special way. We were honored to be invited by the Salvation Army to contribute to their 51st anniversary Thanksgiving dinner. Our task involved creating beautiful placemats to adorn the tables for this heartfelt event. The Salvation Army's event, hosting up to 2,000 guests at the Neal S. Blaisdell Exhibition Hall on Thursday, November 23, aims to provide Thanksgiving meals for individuals, families, and kūpuna across O'ahu. To help our kindergartners understand the significance of our efforts, we shared a touching news video clip from last year's event. It was heartwarming to see our students engage and grasp the importance of spreading joy and fellowship through something as simple as a Thanksgiving placemat.

Throughout this week, teachers have been engaging the kindergartners in heartfelt discussions about the essence of Thanksgiving, emphasizing gratitude and the things we cherish in life. It was touching to witness the children express their gratitude for their teachers and our Mid-Pacific community. To creatively capture this spirit of gratitude, we created a fun craft activity. Using scissors, glue, and their thoughtful words, our kindergartners fashioned endearing 'Thankful Turkeys.' These colorful creations will proudly adorn our classroom window, serving as a reminder of the abundance of gratitude our ʻElepaio 6 students hold in their hearts.

As we wrap up last week filled with heartfelt preparations and discussions centered around Thanksgiving, we are reminded of the beauty that gratitude brings into our lives. Our kindergartners have truly embraced the spirit of the season, understanding the significance of giving thanks and spreading joy to those around us. As we look forward to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, let's carry this spirit of gratitude and kindness with us, not just during this festive time but throughout the year. From our classroom to your homes, may this season be filled with warmth, love, and an abundance of gratitude. Wishing everyone a Thanksgiving filled with cherished moments and shared happiness!

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