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Elementary School

Educating Each Child and Inspiring a Lifelong Joy in Learning

Through inquiry strategies and in collaboration with their peers and teachers, students are taught how to ask questions, offer their own theories to explain a phenomenon, explore answers, consult resources, and reflect on their learning. This constructivist approach -- students making meaning of their learning -- is a linchpin of the curriculum and instruction in all facets of the school. Learning is hands-on, enactive, meaningful, and fun.

The academic curriculum weaves together the best educational theories and practices related to literacy - language learning, mathematical reasoning, social concept-building, and explorations in science. Literacy in all content areas manifests itself in sustained reading, writing, problem-solving, and critical thinking, as well as in all the skills, knowledge, processes, and attitudes that support literacy.

The Elementary School Experience


Dr. Edna L. Hussey

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