A Message from President Paul Turnbull

When the founders of Kawaiahao Seminary and Mills Institute opened their doors in the mid-19th century, they couldn't have imagined how radically different their schools would look when they joined forces to become Mid-Pacific Institute in 1908.

Pau Turnbull

Today, Mid-Pacific is a leader in education because we remain committed to Francis Damon's noble vision that Mid-Pacific could play an important role as a community leader in Hawaii and around the world. A co-founder of Mid-Pacific Institute, Mr. Damon viewed the promotion of international understanding through quality education as hand-in-hand with his personal dream of creating a school with a rich diversity of opinions and ideas.

Our focus on a rich diversity of opinions and ideas is the underpinning of our advanced curricular offerings in the arts and sciences, in humanities, and world-class technologies. As a result, Mid-Pacific was the first school in the state of Hawaii to implement numerous innovative arts and technology programs.

The perseverance necessary to continue Mr. Damon's vision in the 21st century comes from our commitment to the philosophy of E kūlia kākou: Let us strive and aspire together. E kūlia kākou is our call to action, reminding us that while we act as one, our strength actually comes from our diversity of thoughts and abilities. As a result, Mid-Pacific is stronger than its component parts because it represents a community of innovators, artists, and individuals.

This website holds many interactive stories that illustrate the embodiment of Mr. Damon's dream, and the embodiment of a truly innovative school. I invite you to enjoy our website and I encourage you to join us on our next step as an educational leader in Hawaii and around the world.

E kūlia kākou,
Let's aspire and strive together

Paul Turnbull, Ph.D.