Vision and innovation is built into the fabric of Mid-Pacific. From the very beginning, we led the way as innovators.

Mid-Pacific Institute was born in 1908 from the coming together of the Kawaiaha'o Seminary for Hawaiian girls, Mills Institute for Chinese Boys, The Okumura Japanese Boarding School, and the Korean Methodist School for Boys and Girls. From its inception by Francis Damon and Mary Happer Damon, Mid-Pacific was founded on the ideals of a global worldview, and the belief that people of diverse backgrounds and cultures should come together to be a powerful voice for understanding. A birthplace for inspiring ideas that impact local and international communities.

We saw community where others saw division. We saw promise and courage in the hearts of the people of Hawai╩╗i.

It is with courage and purpose that we educate today's minds for the world of the future. A world forever changed by advanced technologies and a renewed emphasis on social-emotional understanding in the development of enlightened beings. Our founding beliefs, grounded in a solid history of community, diversity and hope, inspire us to strive and aspire for this generation and for generations to come.

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"So far as is possible, the wealth of its (Mid-Pacific Institute) resources to contribute to the good of the many as well as the few, to benefit humanity and pass on to succeeding generations the ever-increasing light of discovered knowledge."

Mid-Pacific Founder and President