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Only with a shared purpose and common vocabulary can a large organization progress steadily towards the achievement of its goals. Mid-Pacific, with its large and diverse population of students, faculty and community members needs a shared purpose and vocabulary, in order to remain focused on our goals for the learning and welfare of all students. We believe that:

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While the meaning of ʻohana for Mid-Pacific extends beyond family and is inclusive of all members of a community, ʻohana engenders a deep relationship characterized by trust, respect, and commitment. An ʻohana provides a safe space for learning, growing, taking risks, and facing adversity together. In the image of kalo with off-shoots growing from a stem, every member -- keiki to kupuna - is valued, cared for, and connected. The Mid-Pacific ʻohana is rooted in its history, thrives in the present, and continues to grow into the future.

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A culture of caring reaches across generations of Mid-Pacific families and community members. Caring is an action and apt description of this pervasive spirit one experiences stepping onto the campus. Caring is making personal and professional connections, building relationships, and practicing stewardship of the environment. When we care, we listen, support, and strive to understand one another.



Creativity is a unique response, an act of self-expression, and sometimes bold way of looking at a challenge. Creativity inspires learning, thinking, and problem-solving. At Mid-Pacific, we can see daily acts of creativity made visible not only in the educational program -- the arts, technology, science, mathematics, and humanities -- but also in school operations, from admissions to facilities and maintenance. Looking at the world through the lens of creativity means taking risks and thinking critically at its best.

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Innovation is change for the purpose of improving a situation, effecting positive outcomes, supporting growth, and most especially, helping others. More than pushing ideas beyond the trend, we believe that innovation is about solving real problems connected to real issues in collaboration with others. We teach students to learn new skills and apply concepts, skills and knowledge to novel situations, with the understanding that setbacks and iterations are inherent to innovation. In the mindset of innovation, we view challenges as possibilities and opportunities for learning.

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Mid-Pacific embraces the value of diversity -- ethnic, cultural, intellectual, religious, social, political, and economic differences -- in order to strengthen our community. From as early as 1908, this notion of diversity is embedded in Mid-Pacific's unique history of bringing together learners from diverse backgrounds. The inclusion of students and adults with diverse skills, talents, experiences, and backgrounds inspires the creativity and innovation that we value as a school community.