Board of Trustees

Trustee Portal

Trustees at Mid-Pacific play vital roles in the life of our school. As leaders in the community, they work in collaboration with the President and the senior administrative team to provide the practical, philosophical, and philanthropic leadership necessary for our vibrant and innovative school community.

Mr. Gregory Leong Mr. Gregory Leong

Mr. Patrick K. Kobayashi '91 Mr. Patrick K. Kobayashi '91
Vice Chair

Mr. Christopher Dods Mr. Christopher Dods

Mr. Patrick Jones Mr. Patrick Jones

Mr. Norman T. S. Chong '55 Mr. Norman T. S. Chong '55

Mr. Karl Fujii Mr. Karl Fujii

Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi '85 Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi '85

Mr. Peter Hirschmann Mr. Peter Hirschmann

Mr. Denis K. Isono Mr. Denis K. Isono

Ms. Roberta Kameda '78 Ms. Roberta Kameda '78

Ms. Shelee Kimura Ms. Shelee Kimura

Mr. Howard Lee Mr. Howard Lee

Ms. Susanne M. Millard Ms. Susanne M. Millard

Ms. Kathleen Morimoto Ms. Kathleen Morimoto

Mr. Keith Ogata Mr. Keith Ogata

Mr. G. Marcus Polivka Mr. G. Marcus Polivka

Mr. Yoshihiro Sasakawa '06 Mr. Yoshihiro Sasakawa '06

Ms. Jennifer Wood Ms. Jennifer Wood

Mr. Ronald Yara '65 Mr. Ronald Yara '65

Mr. Scott Yoshihara '96 Mr. Scott Yoshihara '96

Honorary Members

Emily Hino Fujii '47
Sandra T. Hartley
Bert A. Kobayashi
James Kometani
Joe C. Rice