Aspirations 2020

Mid-Pacific Strategic Plan

Mid-Pacific's five-year strategic plan, Aspirations 2020, serves as the guide to

  • Advance the school's education program in line with the strategic plan and a culture of innovation
  • Align all three divisions (elementary, middle and high schools) as "one school"
  • Achieve financial sustainability
  • Increase the effectiveness of communications to tell the Mid-Pacific story

Mid-Pacific Learner Profile

View the Mid-Pacific Learner Profile Poster.

Mid-Pacific Technology Vision

Mid-Pacific's curriculum is future-oriented, anticipating a landscape that does not yet exist. We believe that technology is not a discrete field of learning unto itself. Rather, technology is one of many languages students learn to use in their lives as they grow.

The Mid-Pacific Technology Vision Statement reflects the best progressive thinking about what skills and abilities our students will need next. The highest level of this vision is our aspiration that Mid-Pacific graduate grow to become Computational Thinkers, Digital Storytellers and Engineers.

View the Aspirations 2020 interactive website here.

View the Aspirations 2020 viewbook here.