Mid-Pacific Institute - Innovators. Artists. Individuals.

Mid-Pacific is a school with a rich history of innovation focused on what our students are learning and how they are learning. We live in a world of evolving technology. Our faculty wholly embraces this evolving platform, transporting students into the future. With our immersive technology programs -- utilizing state-of-the-art equipment -- innovation on the Mid-Pacific campus is scanned digitally, printed in 3-D and experienced in virtual reality. The Mid-Pacific classroom is an environment where learning is fun and engaging; where students are challenged to question, inquire, and imagine.

Mid-Pacific is a school with a reputation as Hawai‘i’s leader in the arts. We have excelled in cultivating the artist within. Artistic exploration begins in revealing one’s innate talent and perfecting one’s craft; the process is an art form in itself. From athletics to ceramics, Mid-Pacific provides coaches and faculty, top experts in their fields, to support and ensure that each individual student pushes their limits to their best abilities in a safe and nurturing environment. By teaching our students to be artists striving for excellence, the world becomes their canvas of unlimited creation and exploration.

Mid-Pacific cultivates students to be an eclectic group of educated individuals. We are proud of our diverse mix of students from countries that span the globe. They experience globalism and culturalism every day. We nurture each student to be who they are, to explore and develop their unique pursuits, and to express their opinions and ideas. A Mid-Pacific student dares to be the bold and unique individual.

Mid-Pacific Institute is an independent, co-educational, college-preparatory school for Preschool, Kindergarten and grades 1-12. Founded in 1908, it is considered one of Hawaii’s most dynamic and forward-thinking schools. The school is recognized for innovative educational, technological, and artistic programs including the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, the Mid-Pacific Exploratory Program (a project-based approach to learning), the acclaimed Mid-Pacific School of the Arts, an English Language Development program for the international students on campus, and a cutting-edge Immersive Technology Program.


Mid-Pacific Institute will prepare students to make a difference in the world by embracing change with creativity, collaboration, critical thought, and global awareness, guided by moral and ethical values.


Mid-Pacific Institute—a preschool through high school college-preparatory community founded on Christian values—nurtures and challenges students to develop intellectual, emotional, artistic, spiritual and physical strengths to become compassionate and responsible lifelong learners and global citizens.

Mid-Pacific provides a challenging and developmentally-appropriate curricular continuum and supportive student life program. Our educational offerings are based on our belief that in today’s world, Mid-Pacific students will display the following characteristics upon graduation:

  • Maintain a positive mindset and belief in the value of persistence in learning
  • Self-assess and monitor their own progress and understanding, and communicate the quality of their learning to others, formally and informally
  • Build social-emotional awareness and empathy in an increasingly interconnected world
  • Nurture, sustain, and steward the environment and community in which they live
  • Apply creativity and imagination to problem solving
  • Collaborate with and positively impact global peers
  • Communicate effectively using multiple mediums — spoken, written, artistic, and digital
  • Embrace appropriate risks and opportunities to help solve novel problems
  • Collect and analyze data from disparate disciplines in order to apply new solutions

Campus & Facilities

Many people consider our 43 acres in Mānoa Valley to be the most beautiful campus on Oʻahu.


Mid-Pacific is guided by a visionary framework.


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” -- John Quincy Adams

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A distinguished group that guides the mission and vision of the school.

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Our strength comes from our diversity of thoughts and abilities.


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More than a great place to work; a place to do great works.

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Mid-Pacific students will display these characteristics upon graduation.