High School Principal Search Committee Update - Mid-Pacific Institute


January 16, 2018

The High School Principal Search Committee is excited to announce that we have three finalists for the day-long visits at Mid-Pacific. These finalists have been chosen after an exhaustive search that included a diverse range of highly qualified international, national, and local candidates. The search committee, with the assistance of Wickenden Associates, interviewed the semi-finalist candidates over the weekend, and after careful deliberation determined the three candidates who best fulfilled the mission and vision of our school. Each candidate will have an opportunity to meet with faculty, staff, students, parents, and trustees in Bakken Auditorium on January 19, 22, and 24 from 3:45-4:45 pm. Please join us for this exciting event! After an introductory talk by the candidates, there will be a question and answer session with the audience.

December 18, 2017

Aloha and Season's Greetings!

The Principal Search Committee met today to discuss in-depth, the candidate resumes, references, and educational philosophies as provided by Wickenden and Associates. We had a diverse range of highly qualified applicants who addressed the criteria identified by the search committee via the survey results. Each candidate was carefully reviewed and discussed, and we were able to determine the semi-finalists for the January interview/visits. Our goal is to find the person best suited to continue the progress and aspirational goals of Mid-Pacific.


The Search Committee

November 27, 2017

Please welcome John Cheever to the High School Principal Search Committee. John replaces Dr. Mark Hines who withdrew for personal reasons. John will represent MPX, Kupu Hou Academy, and the faculty. John was one of the original search committee candidates who expressed a strong interest in helping with the search, and he fits the committee's request for an MPX faculty representative. As the new Kupu Hou Academy Coordinator, John will provide a variety of perspectives as we move forward in the search for the next High School Principal.


The Search Committee

November 17, 2017

Greetings, Mid-Pacific 'Ohana!

We are excited to provide you with an update on our search for a new High School Principal. Yesterday, our search committee leaders met to review over 1,000 survey results from Wickenden & Associates and to define a candidate profile. As a team, we agreed that our exploratory process will be based on trust, professionalism, empathy, and collective commitment. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the success of our students and our community as we strive to fulfill Mid-Pacific's Aspirations in the future.

Applications for the High School Principal position are due to Wickenden & Associates by December 4, 2017. After the vetting process, your search committee will conduct deep discussions to identify the semi-finalists for candidate visits in January.

We will continue to communicate with you regarding our goals and progress as we strive together to find the best candidate for our school.


The Search Committee

November 8, 2017

Dear Mid-Pacific Community,

As you know, we began the process of finding our next high school principal in late September. After speaking with our faculty on September 27, we immediately set out to create a High School Principal Search Committee that would represent our dynamic and diverse community (see below). We also identified our search consultant (Wickenden & Associates) and the leader of the Search Committee (Ms. Kym Roley).

Since then, we have accomplished two important tasks. First, the community responded to our request for input, answering our survey about the strengths and challenges the next principal will find at Mid-Pacific. Nearly 1,000 staff, students, parents, and alumni provided excellent insights for the Search Committee to consider in the selection process.

Second, an opportunity statement was created and shared with our search consultants. The opportunity statement provides candidates with an in-depth look at Mid-Pacific, helping them gain a better understanding of the rich culture and exciting programs that our high school offers to students every day.

Next Steps:
As you can see from the progress bar above, there are four crucial benchmarks remaining in the search process.

Step 3: The Search Committee will meet later this month to review the community survey results and to develop a candidate profile for our next principal. This process of informed, deep discussion will help us identify semi-finalists by mid-December.

Steps 4 - 6: Steps 4 and 5 will occur in mid to late January 2018, with a final appointment of the next High School Principal occurring in February.

We are looking forward to bringing you further updates as our process continues.

Paul Turnbull, Ph.D.
Kym Roley
Search Committee Chair

High School Principal Search Committee Members

Ms. Kym Roley, Committee Chair IB Coord; Class of 2019 Advisor
Mr. R. Kevin Doyle Director, Mid-Pacific School of the Arts
Mr. Myron Seu High School Dean
Mr. Bill Wheeler Director, Student Activities
Mr. John Cheever Mid-Pacific Exploratory, Kupu Hou, Faculty
Ms. Kaile Berlenbach Faculty, Humanities
Mr. Scott Wagner Director, Athletics
Ms. Heidi Bow Director, Alumni Affairs
Kahu Wendell Davis Mid-Pacific School Chaplain
Dr. Dwayne Priester Principal, Mid-Pacific Middle School
Ms. Jen Grems Assistant Principal, High School
Ms. Lauren Araki Na 'Ohana Pueo (Parent Association)