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Robert Kevin Garcia Doyle Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted on August 9, 2017 by Scot Allen

Director of Mid-Pacific School of the Arts Robert Kevin Garcia Doyle was honored with the Pierre Bowman Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hawaii State Theatre Council during the annual Po'okela Awards Monday, August 7.

Doyle, who has worked at Mid-Pacific for 22 years was surprised, yet pleased with the award. He has been active in the local theatre scene for some 28 years.

"Typically, the winners have been baby boomers and I figured I was too young to be considered for a lifetime achievement award," Doyle mused. "There's a bunch of very deserving people who have not won it yet, so I was, indeed, very surprised!"

Doyle was recognized for his work in theatre education; for being one of the founders of the Hawaii Shakespeare Festival; for his contributions to the improvised theatre scene in Honolulu; for his directing work and because he has worked at many of Honolulu's theaters.

The Po'okela awards are an annual event where the previous year's theatrical productions are honored. It's a very upbeat, positive night celebrating local theatre, according to Doyle.

The Hawaii State Theatre Council is made up of representatives of all of Hawaii's theatres (both on Oahu and on the neighbor islands). The Pierre Bowman award is a lifetime achievement award given to a person "whose lifetime achievement reflects courage and commitment to quality and through whose efforts the life of theatre in Hawaii has been uplifted."

It's the only award whose recipient is allowed to give an acceptance speech at the event. "Mine focused on encouraging young artists to find their voices and create new work as well as new theater companies," he said.