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2017 Mid-Pacific Alumni Pā'ina

Posted on July 24, 2017 by Heidi Bow

The 2017 Alumni Pā'ina, Mid-Pacific's largest all-alumni gathering of the year, was held on Saturday, July 22, 2017, and what a celebration it was! With over 430 people in attendance and a ton of help from 30 alumni volunteers, the evening turned out to be fun for everyone.

The day started off with campus tours for those who were interested in revisiting their old stomping grounds, many of whom have not been back since graduation. Alumni and guests had a chance to see memorable places like Wilcox Hall which was the school's dormitory prior to 2004, the Weinberg Technology Plaza which was once a large grassy hill, Kawaiaha'o and Atherton Hall, formerly the girls dormitory. The tours always seem to bring back fond memories of everyone's days on campus, and they also leave people in awe of the wonderful campus improvements from which the current Mid-Pacific students are benefitting.

The formal program was led by entertaining emcee, Toni Joy "Wehi" (Baptiste) Romias '92 who kept the evening flowing with energy and fun. The Mid-Pacific Institute Alumni Association (MPIAA) President, Marc Nakamoto '91 held the MPIAA Annual Meeting, introducing a new board member and presenting the 2017-2018 slate of MPIAA officers. Dr. Paul Turnbull, Mid-Pacific President, took the stage to welcome everyone with an update on the school, while thanking all guests for their support. The honored Class of 1967, celebrating their 50th Reunion, brought Patrick Uchigakiuchi '67 to the podium to speak about his pride in the school and of his special class. Patrick then presented the class's gift check to Dr. Turnbull for $56,103, the majority of which will go to the Class of 1967's Scholarship Endowment Fund. Congratulations to the Class of 1967 on surpassing their goal by reaching an amazing 54% participation rate, and for leading such a successful fundraising effort!

The program continued with the presentation of the MPIAA's Wa'ahila Award to Troy Tanji '82, for his valued service to the community and his positive influence on Mid-Pacific Institute and its alumni. He was kindly introduced by cousin, Mark Tanji '78 who had some very nice stories to share.

Eric Koike '93 then was honored as the 2017 Alumnus of the Year for his continued dedication and loyalty to Mid-Pacific and his years of support for the MPIAA. Holly (Imai) Iwasaki '96, introduced Eric to the stage with a nice description of his passion for, and dedication to his alma mater.

The event was a huge success, much due to the hard work of the 2017 Pā'ina Planning Committee led by the Class of 1993, all diligent volunteers, the wonderful vendors, generous donors, and Mid-Pacific's facilities and maintenance crew. From the early planning stages to the late-night clean up, everyone came together to make this an event to remember.

Next year's 2018 Alumni Pā'ina will be on Saturday, July 21, 2018, so SAVE THE DATE! The Class of '94 has already begun their planning.


Food Stations Provided By:
Concept Catering Hawaii - Keenan Lam '93
Creations in Catering Hawaii - Jason Takemura '95
Home Bar & Grill - Brandon Hamada '93
La Tour Café
MW Restaurant - Wade Ueoka '93
Zach's Event Catering - Zach Inouye '99
2 Lady Famers - Stacy Sugai '83 & Patsy (Kaneshiro) Oshiro '82
Blah's Smoked Meat

Favors Provided By:
Da Hawaii Cupcake Factory - Tara (Aoyagi) Lumford '96

Beer Tasting Donated By:
Young's Market Company

Wine Tasting Donated By:
Johnson Brothers

Sangria Donated By:
Ed Treschuk
Stephen Kato '93 and Shei Murata
Southern Glazer's Wine And Spirits

Juice & Iced Tea Donated By:
Hawaiian Sun - Robynne (Kurihara) Migita '92

Lighting By:
Spectrum Entertainment - Toshi Nakasone '09

Country Store:
Kissy Hawaii - Michelle (Aki) Shigezawa '78
La Tour Café

Photos By:
Stephen Kato '93
Scot Allen

Prize Donations By:
Alumni Donors: Peter Apo '57, Jacquelyn (Angut) Brezeale '80, Joyce Diama-Kuniyoshi '80, Winifred (Ohara) Doi '66, Criag Fujii '76, Shirley (Singletary) Gold '65, Garrett Hayashi '85, James Honke '58, Trent Horita '88, Mae (Koike) Iwamoto '64, Lynne (Yamamura) Kaneta '69, Donn Kawabata '82, Fred Kawabata '57, Eric Koike '93, Lyman Koike '59, Sylvia Koike '55, Amy (Nishimitsu) Kuga '67, Roland Lee '88, Denise Liu '78, Sean Lum '89, Judi (Sunahara) Mihata '61, Mercedes (Domingo) Millington '57, Galen '55 & Nami (Mizuha) '56 Narimatsu, Stanford Ornellas '68, Kekapa Rodenhurst '83, Barbara Sakamoto '65, Lorraine (Suzuki) Stringfellow '53, Kevin Takahashi '91, Shane Toguchi '00, Bobby Tsumura '57, Patrick Uchigakiuchi '67, Jane (Nishizawa) Watanabe '55, Guy Watase '67, Michele (Iwai) Yamanaka '85, Ronald Yara '65, and Brandon Yoza '88

Gazer's Wine and Spirits
Young's Market Company

2017 Pā'ina Planning Committee:
Marci (Lieberman) Awaya '92, Blaine Azama '94, Sheri (Lieberman) Azama '94, Hōkū (Mizumoto) Chong '94, Colleen (Uchigakiuchi) Chun '67, Stephen Kato '93, Eric Koike '93, Shawn Nakamura '94, Gail (Osako) Yamasaka '68