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Talk Story with President Paul Turnbull

Posted on May 9, 2017 by Julie Funasaki Yuen

Mid-Pacific President Paul Turnbull recently sat down with Hawaii Business Magazine's Noelle Fujii to discuss project-based learning, innovation, the Mid-Pacific School of the Arts, and technology in education. In the article he shares, "...if we see every child as a whole child, and we see every child as somebody who should be given the opportunity to pursue passions in any different realm, that means we would open up those opportunities from an early age all the way through high school, whether that looks like a School of the Arts, or it looks like other certificate programs we offer.

This generation of students won't have ever known life without a portable screen, tablets and phones. It's important for us to embrace this and not resist it. Embracing that forced us to really look at our teaching practices. The question should be asked in most schools: Are you using a laptop or a tablet as sort of a super thesaurus or a super calculator, or are you using it as an actual education device, and is it becoming part of the student's learning, and are teachers using it as a method of instruction as well as a method to teach ethical skills, digital citizenship?"

Read the complete Hawaii Business Magazine "Talk Story" interview in the May issue.

Photo courtesy of Kent Nishimura.