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Posted on May 4, 2017 by Scot Allen

Students in the high school ELD program prepared poster board and iPad presentations on an aspect of their home country for students from the elementary school. For example, Chinese students presented on endangered animals, Chinese food, Chinese geography and famous places in China. Students from Japan and Korea prepared similar topics. The high school students presented to small groups at the elementary school, with approximately 130 elementary students attending.

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The elementary students received a paper 'passport' and received a stamp for each "country" they visited. They had time to ask many questions and hear at least three different presentations. It was an excellent opportunity for elementary students to get to know some of our international students and learn about other cultures. At the same time, it was a great chance for our international students to practice their English and be an expert on a topic from their home culture.

High school students really enjoyed the enthusiasm and questions from the elementary school students. Kejiang Zhang, a 10th grade student from China said the elementary students showed "respect and passion" to us, Hana Ito, a 10th grader from Japan commented likewise, saying the elementary students "were so interested about my topic and they asked me many questions."

-- Stephanie Toriumi, Chris Ferry, Karen Onoe and Jodie Sakaguchi