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Class of 2017 awarded more than $5.6 million in scholarships

Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

Posted on May 10, 2017 by Scot Allen

Mid-Pacific is pleased to announce that the class of 2017 has been awarded more than $5.6 million in college scholarships, according to the College Counseling Department.


Ka'imi Haas at the Foodland Shop For Higher Education Scholarship Reception.

"These scholarship winners have completed extensive work on applications, essays, and often interviews, in applying for these competitive scholarships offered by community organizations," said College Counselor Sara McKay-Hines. "Scholarship winners were recognized for academic excellence, in addition to qualities such as leadership, commitment to service, and/or athletic achievement. Mid-Pacific is proud to have such outstanding individuals represent our school in these statewide scholarship competitions."


On May 11 at the Hawaii Convention Center, Kerri-Ann Kamei (right) was one of the top recipients, receiving a $3,000 award from the Honolulu Executive Women International Scholarship Program.

The following Class of 2017 Community Scholarship Recipients were also recognized before their peers during Wednesday's chapel in Bakken Auditorium:

Aaron Kam
Civilian Marksmanship Scholarship - $1,000

Devin Eng
Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation Scholarship - $5,000
HMSA Kaimana Scholarship - $5,000

Matthew Foster
Hawaii Education Association Scholarship - $2,000

Ka'imi Haas
Foodland Shop for Higher Education Scholarship - $2,000
Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation scholarship - $3,100

Kerri-Ann Kamei
The Aiko and Mamoru Takitani Scholarship - $2,000
The Honolulu Executive Women International Award - $3,000

Jacen Kimura
Fred Trotter Eagle Scout Scholarship - $1,000
Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship - $1,000

Aysha Limatoc
Civilian Marksmanship Scholarship - $1,000

Michael Liu
Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation Scholarship - $3,100

Jaylene Lum
Civilian Marksmanship Scholarship - $1,000

Kaya McTigue
PCA Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship - $2,000

Meagan Nakamoto
Civilian Marksmanship Scholarship - $1,000

Maia Petrides
The Spirit of Duke Kahanamoku Award - $10,000

Zion Shepherd
Alpha Phi Alpha Mu Beta Lamda Scholarship - $1,500

Mahina Smith
Pacific Asian Affairs Council Scholarship - $1,000
Civilian Marksmanship Scholarship - $1,000

Malia Walsh
Philanthropic Educational Organization Star Award - $2,500

Amber Williams-Aduja
#HPUBiz4Good Scholarship Challenge - $20,000

Koen Yamane
The Kona Club of Honolulu Scholarship - $1,000

Kelcie Yamashita
Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union Scholarship - $2,000